Manchester, England () 30 dakika30 dakika
Kunming, Yunnan () 30 dakika30 dakika
Seoul (Incheon) () 25 dakika25 dakika
Washington, DC ()
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Hafif rüzgârlı
/images/weather_icons/white/partlycloudy.png 8 °C
Atlanta, GA ()
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/images/weather_icons/grey/partlycloudy.png 10 °C
Chicago, IL ()
/images/weather_icons/white/overcast.png 10 °C
Los Angeles, CA ()
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/images/weather_icons/grey/partlycloudy_night.png 11 °C
Dallas-Fort Worth, TX ()
/images/weather_icons/white/overcast.png 22 °C


Local procedures - The Potential Dangers
I found this to be an interesting blog post on the potential hazards of being unfamiliar with local procedures, and debating whether these exceptions from FAA-established proce (Daha Fazlası)
Turkmenistan Airlines #T5429 continued its route to Birmingham with dead body on board, after diversion to Volgograd
Yesterday, Turkmenistan Airlines flight #T5429 (Boeing-757 reg. EZ-A011) en route from Ashgabat (Capital of Turkmenistan) to Birmingham made an emergency landing in Russia’s so (Daha Fazlası)
Betsy, A Beer Brewed Specifically To Be Enjoyed While Flying At 35,000 Feet
Betsy is a beer brewed by the Hong Kong Beer Company in collaboration with Cathay Pacific airlines. Betsy was named after Cathay Pacific's first plane (a Douglas DC-3 that oper (Daha Fazlası)
At Least 1 Dead After Small Plane Crashes Into Riverside, California Home
RIVERSIDE (CBSLA.com) – At least one person was killed and four people were hurt after a small plane smashed into a home in Riverside late Monday afternoon, sparking a three-a (Daha Fazlası)
No Survivors in Southern Utah Crash
The bodies of a Sandy man and his two children were found Monday after a search located the wreckage of a plane that was reported missing Sunday morning, police said. (Daha Fazlası)
Small Plane Crashes Into Reservoir
LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – A small plane crashed into a reservoir in Larimer County Monday morning. (Daha Fazlası)


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