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En Route/Scheduled to KFAR Hector Intl Airport (Fargo, ND) [KFAR]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
AAY136MD80 ()Çar 08:05 MSTÇar 12:40 CDT
SKW4993CRJDenver Intl ()Çar 14:00 MDTÇar 16:43 CDT
SKW4993CRJDenver Intl ()Per 14:00 MDTPer 16:43 CDT
SKW4993CRJ2Denver Intl ()Sal 13:50 MDTSal 16:30 CDT
SKW6318CRJDenver Intl ()Çar 16:36 MDTÇar 19:19 CDT
SKW6413CRJDenver Intl ()Sal 19:53 MDTSal 22:26 CDT
SKW6318CRJDenver Intl ()Per 16:36 MDTPer 19:19 CDT
SKW5561CRJDenver Intl ()Per 10:12 MDTPer 12:55 CDT
SKW6413CRJDenver Intl ()Çar 19:45 MDTÇar 22:28 CDT
SKW6413CRJDenver Intl ()Per 19:45 MDTPer 22:28 CDT
SKW5561CRJDenver Intl ()Çar 10:12 MDTÇar 12:46 CDT
ENY3241E145Dallas/Fort Worth Intl ()Çar 08:50 CDTÇar 14:26 CDT
ENY3454E145Dallas/Fort Worth Intl ()Per 11:54 CDTPer 14:25 CDT
NDU20C172Grand Forks Intl ()Sal 13:30 CDTSal 13:57 CDTSal 14:53 CDT
AAY426MD80McCarran Intl ()Per 07:15 PDTPer 11:55 CDT
WIS101C310Minot Intl ()Sal 16:30 CDTSal 18:27 CDT
SKW4839CRJMinneapolis/St Paul Intl ()Çar 13:08 CDTÇar 13:49 CDT
SKW4582Minneapolis/St Paul Intl ()Çar 17:48 CDTÇar 18:54 CDT
FLG3725CRJ9Minneapolis/St Paul Intl ()Sal 15:25 CDTSal 16:18 CDT
DAL1956A320Minneapolis/St Paul Intl ()Çar 19:25 CDTÇar 20:22 CDT
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