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McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (N313FE)


It has been a long time since the opportunity to snap some inclement weather photos has presented itself, but the past week's WX (7 to 9 feet of snow and then several inches of rain that melted it all and created extreme flooding) provided all sorts of snowstorm and poor weather scenes at RTIA. In this snap, taken as the first of the area's snow was falling, Fed Ex's "Bilal" (N313FE) arrives from Oakland and, under gray skies, touches down on Reno Tahoe International's runway 16R just after 8 AM.
As always, I recommend the actual size photo (FULL) for best Q viewing.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
The temperature at this spotting location was 11 degrees F. By the time I left around noon, it had gone up to 14 F. When I returned to this same spot 48 hours later, the temp was 48 degrees and rain had been falling steadily for eight hours; and the combination of rain and melting snow pouring down from the Sierra Nevada were flooding sections of the airport grounds. The airport remained open throughout the floods that occurred in northern Nevada and central California over the next 24 hours, but I did get photos of the east end of runway 25-7 and the area directly east of the control tower, both of which were covered by the floodwaters.
Greg Byington
That's a pretty nice shot, Gary! But there seem to be a lot of little white specks in there. Maybe your lens is dirty? Just kidding, eh! You're a brave man to go out in that weather. (I've heard the weather reports.) After seeing your and Uwe's latest pics, I'm even happier being here in southern Arizona! But I do enjoy seeing your shots. Take care, and don't catch a cold! ;-)
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Howdy, Greg, and Thanx. I have a super snap of this one departing about two hours later. There are far more of those &quot;white specks&quot; (lol) in that click because it was snowing harder. Also, the wings and tail surfaces are all &quot;glowing green&quot; with D/I fluid so I debated whether to post this shot or that one. I finally picked this one because it's a smoker.<br />I actually enjoy shooting snowy WX pics, and I've been waiting quite a while for a chance to do so. However, I would have preferred it if there had not been any floods. I caught a shot of a SW on climbout a few feet above 16R with floodwaters all around the area. It's a unique shot, but a lot of folks are suffering because of those floods (fortunately, no lives lost but many families had severe property damage) so although the shot is a good one, I'd rather the flooding had not happened.<br />Thx again for the comment.
sam kuminecz
great shot as always Gary, perfect contrast of color and bleak snow background<br />5 stars<br /><br />BTW deice is orange, Anti Ice is Green
Greg Byington
Roger that, Gary. I know CA needs the water, but too much too fast can be hard to deal with. Take care.
Dave Sheehy
5* Gary and always good to see your pics.
*****5***** stars on this one, Gary!!!<br /><br />To paraphrase Herodotus and the United States Postal Service's unofficial motto...<br /><br />&quot;Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays this airplane spotter from the swift completion of his appointed rounds&quot;
John Marotta
NICE ! Really nice Gary. Well done
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Sam, Dave, Cliff, and John ... Hi to you all. Your comments are very appreciated. TY. (Wave)<br />Cliff ... There are those who phrase it differently, such as my lady, who (when I get up at &quot;Oh dark thirty&quot; and go to RNO or off on a one-day out-and-back photo spotting trip), simply says to me, &quot;You're nuts.&quot; (Big grin and a lol) <br />Sam ... Thanks for clarifying. You had given me the info a long time ago and I actually wrote out the full description you had provided so I'd know what was used when, but I lost the paper. So TY for the reminder: the green they used on this FDX when it left here was ANTI-ice, not DE-ice. (Thumbs Up)
Roy Hunte
Awesome shot Gary, haven't seen your activity for a while, guess you were out doing your shots!
Kurt Finger
Hi Gary, For me very appropriate. My daughter, son in law and grandsons were holidaying at Lake Tahoe for the past ten days or so. Snow and more snow. Love the clarity of the photo.
giovanni di pace
My compliment Gary for your great shot.You have chosen the right time and weather to have a pretty good photograph.People can realise wath it means to landing in a place covered by snow.Living in Palermo (Sicily)I have never seen samething like that.Take care of your self,don't catch a cold !
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