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  41 Aldığı Oy (4.78 Ortalama) ve 31.723 Görüntülenme  

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Airbus A319 (N744P)


American's N744P, displaying Piedmont colors from the past, passes in front of the snowy Sierra Nevada as it heads skyward after lifting off from Reno Tahoe Intl's runway 34L.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Now if only the Allegheny, TWA, and Air Cal heritage schemes would drop by for a daytime visit while the snow is in the mountains, I'd have the entire group of six. (Fingers crossed ... grin)
Dave Sheehy
5* Gary-love that Pacemaker bird!
Greg Byington
Another great shot, Gary!
Nice photo!
Dwight Hartje
Excellent shot, Gary! Seen in Daily Newsletter!
That would be awesome if you could see all the American retro aircraft!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Thanks for the compli, Dwight. Regarding the specials, I've already got the AA retro. As for the seven AA heritage schemes (TWA, Reno Air, PSA, Piedmont, AWE, Air Cal, and ALO), the only two I'm missing are the Air Cal and the TWA, and I'm sure I'll get my chance to click 'em soon. (Fingers crossed)
Dave S. >> Oh, man, you bet! "The Route of the Pacemakers" I've located an old B & W pic of a Piedmont F-27 ... "Pacemaker James River". I'll work on it and see if I can make it presentable for posting.
Floatonaboat and Greg B ... TYVM for the comments, guys. :-)
Joseph Edwards
Flew this airline back in the 70's. the good old prop jobs. Military stand-by was $15.00.
jim garrity
NO PHX-ANC for me in this tight bird for almost 6hrs.!
Deborah Fortuna
Oh yeah. I remember Allegheny Airlines. We used to call it "Agony" Airlines. But we still flew on Allegheny.
Art Troutman
Deb - I was born and raised in PGH. We used to say: "If you need to get to Chicago in the worst way - fly Allegheny!
Art Troutman
I'm suspicious of the "P" at the end of the "N" number! I suspect that it's phony! I think the real AA number is smaller - below it. The practice has been to use the 'two-letter' abbreviation of the airline - tacked on at the end of the 'N number'. That's fine - until merger time. You'll see some AA aircraft with "AW" at the end - a carryover from when that aircraft was bought by AmericaWest - which then morphed into US Air - which then morphed into AA. NW to DL - CO to UA - etc.
Scot Wattawa

The AA and AW theme planes do have different ending N numbers than normal.

N742PS - PSA
N744P - Peadmont
N745VJ - Allegany
N828AW - HP Old Colors
N152UW - US Airways (A321)

You are correct if is it a AA frame as they still have the ending NN
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Art .. Hi. If you are ever unsure about any reg number you see on an aircraft, just enter it into the FAA aircraft reg site. You'll have your answer in less than a heartbeat.
Scot .. N828AW has been repainted. It no longer is dressed in old AWE clothes. Only N838AW is wearing America West paint now. I caught it yesterday at RNO. Also, N837AW, the former Cardinals schemebird, has been repainted too.
Deb and Art ... I used to hear that old saying about Allegheny too. But Allegheny survived. It took over Lake Central Airlines and then Mohawk. It then took over Pacific Southwest (PSA), Piedmont, and Empire and reorganized into US Air. Then, as US Air, the old Allegheny bought out America West and reorganized as US Airways. (That is why the Allegheny, America West, PSA, Piedmont, and US Airways [A321] schemes are all "heritage" schemes ... they are a part of the heritage of today's airline. The aircraft that displays the former American Airlines livery is a "retro" livery because it is a "retrospective" look back at the livery formerly used on the AA fleet; the same as N475UA is painted in "retro" UAL colors and N75436 is a "heritage" livery .... United and Continental merged and N75436 wears the old Continental colors . Now, the airlines that started out as Allegheny merged with American (it was American that was in $ trouble which is how Allegheny/US Air/US Airways was able to force the merger) and so today, the airline that was once Allegheny is now American. Whatever was being said about it back in the days of our youth, SOMEBODY must have been flying on it ... because it has outlasted seven other airlines. :-)
Cade Emtage
Another awesome shot well done
N744P için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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14-Haz-2019 A319Jacksonville Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 13:57 EDT 14:49 EDT 0:52
14-Haz-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Jacksonville Intl () 11:57 EDT 12:54 EDT 0:56
14-Haz-2019 A319Raleigh-Durham Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 09:59 EDT 10:39 EDT 0:39
14-Haz-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Raleigh-Durham Intl () 08:11 EDT 08:43 EDT 0:31
14-Haz-2019 A319Charleston Intl/AFB ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 06:22 EDT 06:53 EDT 0:30
13-Haz-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Charleston Intl/AFB () 20:50 EDT 21:22 EDT 0:31
13-Haz-2019 A319Reagan National ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 18:26 EDT 19:31 EDT 1:04
13-Haz-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Reagan National () 15:07 EDT 16:06 EDT 0:58
13-Haz-2019 A319Piedmont Triad Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 13:22 EDT 13:45 EDT 0:23
13-Haz-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Piedmont Triad Intl () 11:28 EDT 11:58 EDT 0:29
13-Haz-2019 A319Memphis Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 07:43 CDT 09:52 EDT 1:09
12-Haz-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Memphis Intl () 19:28 EDT 19:46 CDT 1:17
12-Haz-2019 A319Toronto Pearson Int'l ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 16:11 EDT 17:54 EDT 1:43
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12-Haz-2019 A319Hartsfield-Jackson Intl ()LaGuardia () 07:06 EDT 08:37 EDT 1:31
11-Haz-2019 A319Philadelphia Intl ()Hartsfield-Jackson Intl () 18:44 EDT 20:27 EDT 1:43
11-Haz-2019 A319Southwest Florida Intl ()Philadelphia Intl () 14:19 EDT 16:35 EDT 2:15
11-Haz-2019 A319Philadelphia Intl ()Southwest Florida Intl () 10:52 EDT 13:10 EDT 2:17
11-Haz-2019 A319Southwest Florida Intl ()Philadelphia Intl () 06:46 EDT 09:01 EDT 2:14
10-Haz-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Southwest Florida Intl () 22:53 EDT 00:18 EDT (+1) 1:24
10-Haz-2019 A319San Antonio Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 17:39 CDT 20:57 EDT 2:17
10-Haz-2019 A319Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl ()San Antonio Intl () 12:37 MST 16:24 CDT 1:46
10-Haz-2019 A319Tucson Intl ()Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl () 10:32 MST 11:00 MST 0:27
10-Haz-2019 A319Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl ()Tucson Intl () 08:55 MST 09:20 MST 0:24
09-Haz-2019 A319Sacramento Intl ()Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl () 20:05 PDT 21:34 MST 1:29
09-Haz-2019 A319Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl ()Sacramento Intl () 17:27 MST 19:03 PDT 1:35
09-Haz-2019 A319San Antonio Intl ()Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl () 16:08 CDT 16:12 MST 2:03
09-Haz-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()San Antonio Intl () 13:41 EDT 15:04 CDT 2:23
09-Haz-2019 A319Newark Liberty Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 10:14 EDT 11:33 EDT 1:18
09-Haz-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Newark Liberty Intl () 07:37 EDT 08:52 EDT 1:14
08-Haz-2019 A319Southwest Florida Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 17:39 EDT 20:03 EDT 2:23
08-Haz-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Southwest Florida Intl () 15:02 EDT 16:40 EDT 1:37
08-Haz-2019 A319Albany Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 10:29 EDT 12:13 EDT 1:44
08-Haz-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Albany Intl () 08:06 EDT 09:34 EDT 1:27
08-Haz-2019 A319Richmond Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 05:38 EDT 06:34 EDT 0:55
07-Haz-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Richmond Intl () 22:55 EDT 23:38 EDT 0:42
07-Haz-2019 A319Northwest Arkansas Rgnl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 18:27 CDT 21:41 EDT 2:14
07-Haz-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Northwest Arkansas Rgnl () 16:33 EDT 17:20 CDT 1:46
07-Haz-2019 A319Portland Intl Jetport ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 12:11 EDT 14:15 EDT 2:04
07-Haz-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Portland Intl Jetport () 09:30 EDT 11:16 EDT (?) 1:45
07-Haz-2019 A319Charleston Intl/AFB ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 06:38 EDT 07:13 EDT 0:34
06-Haz-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Charleston Intl/AFB () 20:56 EDT 21:24 EDT 0:27
06-Haz-2019 A319Bradley Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 17:22 EDT 19:12 EDT 1:49
06-Haz-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Bradley Intl () 14:37 EDT 16:06 EDT 1:28
06-Haz-2019 A319Pittsburgh Intl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 12:21 EDT 13:20 EDT 0:58
06-Haz-2019 A319Charlotte/Douglas Intl ()Pittsburgh Intl () 10:20 EDT 11:21 EDT 1:01
06-Haz-2019 A319Houston Bush Int'ctl ()Charlotte/Douglas Intl () 05:52 CDT 08:47 EDT 1:54
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