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NORD Mohawk 298 (N26202)


Very few FA viewers are going to recognize this airline, but there are probably some old-timers like myself, especially if they lived in Ohio or Indiana in the 50s and 60s, who will immediately ID this livery.
This picture (actually, this is two of my 50-year-old Kodak 620 film prints that I scanned together simultaneously so they could be viewed as one post) shows two views of Lake Central's N26202, a Nord 262A, on the ramp at what was known back then as Greater Buffalo International (now KBUF - Buffalo Niagara International) as it is being prepped and is about to board passengers.
I was able to find one other picture of this specific aircraft in Lake Central paint on the web; however, the photo I found shows this one with Lake Central's big "The Airline With A Heart" heart logo on the tail. That logo was adopted by the airline not long after I snapped these two shots in a last-ditch attempt to rebrand and "revive" itself. The attempt did not work ... Lake Central was absorbed by Allegheny in 1968. As part of the Allegheny takeover, this and all the other Nord equipment in Lake Central's fleet were modified and then flown by Allegheny for a few years, but Allegheny did not really like these planes and disposed of all of them as quickly as it could. While flying for Allegheny, all the former LC Nords were given French ladies names; this aircraft was given the name "Claudette."
* Both photos were old and quite faded, but I was able to resurrect the colors a bit, and if the viewer desires to see this in its best possible quality, I recommend clicking on FULL size. *


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
One thing I have always found to be somewhat interesting about these Nord a/c is that they had both front and rear passenger boarding doors ... but the passenger capacity was between 26 to 29 passengers. (In my first picture, only the rear access stairs were open, but because the flight was about to board I had to move away and in my second photo, the front cabin access has now been opened. PS .. The front also provided galley access, I think.) Must have taken all of two minutes ... IF the flight was fully booked ... to get everyone on board. lol
Also noteworthy is the fact that Lake Central's N262As had three-bladed props. After Allegheny absorbed the airline, all the Nords were modified and when Allegheny flew them, they all had five-bladed props.
Dave Sheehy
Another great addition to the FA historical archive. Thanks for taking the time to resurrect and scan this one Gary.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Dave, Hi and Tks. Of just three pics I ever took of Lake Central a/c, only these two Nord shots could be salvaged. The other was of a DC-3. I wish I had been wiser in my younger years and stored my prints better, but it's only spilled milk now so no use mourning the lost one. Glad you liked these. (Wave)
Charles Peele
Lake Central, How do I love thee, let me count the ways. But when I begin to dream, it becomes the nightmare of all nightmares! Nord supplied and sold a number of their French built turbine driven air craft to Lake Central. Trouble was the fan's blades, because of poor quality control, tended to want to go in directions not on the flight plan. They were multi colored pretty things ---wish I could recall the planes's moniker---but I do recall a bunch of us in and out of the old Midway that cringed just brushing up against the ships!............CTP
Tom Vance
Great history write up Gman! Pure classic stuff...
N26202 için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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