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Boeing 737-800 (N916NN)


Yesterday was, without a doubt, the most wonderful day of spotting at RNO that I have had in a very looooong time. One of many highlights was being able to "set up camp" on Lima taxiway between the "hold" lines for the parallel runways 16R-34L and 16L-34R. This capture of N916NN, AAL's Reno Air heritage livery fleetbird, as it was rotating away from 16R directly in front of me during its 6:30 AM departure for DFW, was one of several outstanding moments of a fabulous (and very long ... 5:45 AM to 7:00 PM) spotting day.
Yesterday's visit by N916NN was just the second time that the Reno Air heritage livery has been seen here at RNO since it was unveiled back in November of last year. The single previous visit was a later-evening arrival during a snowstorm, and it departed prior to dawn of the next morning so almost no one had a chance to see it on that occasion. I did get a click of that first appearance (photo is posted in my FA gallery folder), but the shot certainly wasn't a very good one. Yesterday, I did far better. An up-close on-ramp tour came first as the flight was being prepped for departure, and then I was positioned between the parallels to catch a fantastic series as it came directly toward, past, and away from me while taking off. And the day just kept getting better: the TWA heritage livery, making its second visit this month and only its third visit since taking to the skies, was the first AAL arrival here just a couple hours after this one departed.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Had a chance to talk briefly with the F/O as he did a walk-around check. He was surprised to learn that this schemebird had only been here one time previously. He said he now better understood why so many folks seemed to be especially interested in coming by to view it.
Mark See
Wow Gary! This is a totally awesome shot. MAX number of stars.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
For best Q, skip both the Medium and Large thumbnail options and view the FULL size pic with your screen at 100% setting.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, Mark, Hi. It was a tremendously long day (over 12 hours of photo-snapping) but man; it was WORTH it!! And as tired as I am, there is too much going on at RNO for me to stay home, so I'm heading back again in about 30 minutes. When the opportunities come along, it's either grab 'em or miss 'em. lol
PS ... I will definitely get that "Semper Fi" B-25 pic out to everyone; all I need is some "stay at home" time. (Big grin)
Mark See
Awesome, I look forward to seeing it... no rush as you probably need some relaxation time too with how much you've been out to the airport lately:)
Roy Hunte
Awesome Gary!
Dwight Hartje
Outstanding shot, timing, and capture, Gary!
Dwight Hartje
Gary, how did you get so close?
Dave Sheehy
WOW-nice capture Gary!
Lewis Wilson
Fantastic shot of the Reno Retro 737
I remember their MD 80s
Lewis Tripp
Super Gary, which I could have been there. At RDU, I can't get any closer than observation park, but it is very nice and super area for young'uns.
Gary, thanks for the time you devote to 'stalking' aircraft (LOL) so thousands of us can enjoy your photos.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Roy, Dwight, Dave, Lewis W. and Lewis T. ... Hi to each of you. And my Thanx to each of you too for your nice comments & kind complis.
Lewis W. .. I, too, fondly recall the Reno Air MDs. And I liked the airline. It had its "issues," of course, but safety was always a #1 priority and the employees were always super personable. When I was walking around this one taking pics, a baggage handler drove up with a few carts in tow. He stopped while I clicked a few more shots and then pulled up. I stepped over to Thank him for giving me a few moments for my pics. He smiled and commnented to me that "this is a different looking one." I quickly explained that there used to be an airline called Reno Air that was based right here and that American Airlines had bought it. I told him that this paint scheme represented the old Reno Air. He still seemed slightly unsure so I pointed to the tail and said, "See those three mountains?" He said "Yes." I then turned and pointed to the southeast. He looked at where I was pointing and then he fully understood ... I was pointing to the three mountains that had inspired Reno Air's tail design. And the F/O was right by us. He looked too and said, "there they are." It was great seeing the Reno Air paint back home.
Lewis T. .... Observation areas at airports are nowhere near as common as they used to be, so I am very happy to learn that RDU has an observation park. There used to be a picnic area adjacent to RNO's runway 34L, and the tables are still there, but now there is a fence there too so ... no more picnics. Naturally, we all understand the "whys", but it is a shame that observation areas at so many airports have had to be closed down. So I congratulate the folks at RDU and in your area for still having such a spot. Keep taking the kids there. It is places such as those that spur their dreams. (Wave)
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hiya, Sam. :-) Hmmm. "Stalking" sounds rather ominous (grin). But I admit I do "monitor" aircraft quite closely (lol). And things have been hopping here lately. The new Lone Star One was here yesterday, so just in the last 48 hours I've spent over 19 at RNO snapping pics. Hmmm. Maybe it IS more like "stalking," after all. (Big wide smile)
And while I'm on the subject of "Sam," ... I just found out that Sam K is back. I just saw his name on a pic in the gallery. I've sent emails to him and everything but had no replies. I thought he'd disappeared into another dimension. Good to know he's back here on FA. :)
magnificent image indeed!!!!!!
Tom Vance
Mine makes 27 votes Boss..outstanding shot! Yabba!
Interesting Livery!
Isaac Vogelzang
Great photo! 10 stars if possible!
John Marotta
WOW ! WHOA ! 1st time seeing this picture and I have to say It's awesome !! 3 thumbs up and 5 starz !!
Chris Partin
AMAZING! I Caught her at Reagan National Airport three days ago! :D
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