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Lockheed C-130 Hercules (93-7311)


A NevANG "High Rollers" C-130H (93-7311) is snapped here as it is approaching Reno Tahoe International. It was landing on runway 16L; side-by-side with a SW B737 that was passing right over my head as it was landing on 16R. I did get a good click of both of them approaching next to each other, but naturally as they came over me they were too close for me to get them together in this pic.


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Gary - that's another great photo capture!

*F*I*V*E* Stars!!!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hiya, Cliff. TYVM. And also, yesterday I posted a snap of a Braniff DC-8 in Flying Colors orange. It was only after I posted it that I discovered that FA doesn't even recognize Braniff International ever existed. That BI pic is an extremely rare click of an extremely rare model of DC-8; there are only three (counting mine) snaps of it in BI orange paint. It is too rare a photo to be presented here on a site that doesn't even acknowledge the existence of BNF, a major US airline. So I'm having the pic deleted from this gallery, and I'm also not posting an equally rare snap of a Convair 990 Coronado ... in Northeast paint ... that I caught at KBOS. It was the only 990 that Northeast flew; (leased from AA) until NE folded their tent. But if you are interested in having the full-sized pic of this (or of the NE CV990), let me know, OK? I'm certainly willing to share them with folks who are serious aviation history fans like you (Dave S., Greg, Mark T., Uwe, Sam, etc.). So just let me know, k?
Gary - thanks very much for the kind words and added information! Yes, I would love to have a full-size pic of both, the Braniff DC-8 and the Northeast Convair 990.

I do well remember the critical acclaim that Braniff received for their innovative "Flying Colors" paint livery design.

I'm sure some might also recall the Alexander Calder "Flying Colors of South America" livery designs too as Braniff commissioned from the artist which showed his "signature" on the fuselage along with the bright colors he selected.
Greg Byington
Nice pic and nice job, Gary! I remember Braniff, and I would like to see your pic(s). Thanks a bunch!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, Greg, Cliff, and Mark ... Will do, guys. I'll send the BI shot and get the NE to you too. (Wave)
PS to Cliff .. The colors on Braniff's birds (as seen in my photo) were also referred to as the "Jelly Bean" livery. In fact, you are 100% correct ... the Flying Colors name specifically applies to the Calder designs you are mentioning. (Thumbs Up)
Gary - "you are the man"!!! Thanks for sharing those photos.

I remember when Braniff's Alexander Calder paint livery designs were introduced... and yes, the "Jelly Bean" reference too for the older "Flying Colors" design!!!

However, I'll admit that I've always preferred more traditional paint livery to the those Alexander Calder designs... even as an art major in college. However, passing time has softened my opinion somewhat!!!

I do wish Braniff had survived and were still with us today... :-)
Gary... for what it's worth... my favorite C-130 Herky Birds were the "E" models painted in the former "Vietnam War" era 1960's - 1970's multi-color "Southeast Asia" camouflage livery... just saying!!! Ditto for all other USAF aircraft painted the same!!!
Paul Campagna
Beautiful shot. To bad you couldn't get the B737 in with it. Some of the aircraft you mentioned in your comment I remember seeing as a kid when my dad used to take me up to the airport. I got into NYC subways and busses, but I still love looking at planes. Keep up the great work.
Doug Cook
I think it was Braniff that featured topless stewardesses, flying my folks into Vegas? Would have been late 1960's.
roland pfeifer
The military work horse, always on the go.
Jim Smirh
Ironic that the C-130 pic posting would bring up Braniff, also. I flew the E model in 'Nam. Always amazed me when I saw some extremely hard landings! Not mine, of course! Last time I flew BI was after bringing a 130 back to TX for IRAN (Inspect and Repair as Needed) at LTV (Ling-Temco-Vaught). Jumped on a BI '27 Combi up to MEM to get home for a couple of weeks leave while waiting on the next 130 going back to Clark. Even stranger is that LTV bough a GreatAmerica in 1968 that was a holding company that included Braniff! International Airways!!!
This particular High Roller is configured for fire fighting, hence the Hi-Viz paint and number 9. This is the 1st year that the NNG C-130 have been used for fire suppression.
93-7311 için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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