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Boeing 757-200 (99-0004)


Snapped 23 hours ago, at 4:42 PM on Saturday, Oct 27, 2018; this photo shows Air Force Two (99-0004, a VC-32A) level with me as it climbs away from Reno-Tahoe International's runway 16R with Vice President Pence to begin a flight to KADW (Andrews Air Force Base / Joint Base Andrews).
I wish to extend my most sincere Thanks to everyone who made it possible for me to get ultra-closeup pics of AF2's arrival. Apparently, there weren't very many people who knew AF2 was landing here; in fact, there were just five other pedestrians with me on the short city route used to drive from the airport to I-580 for the drive to Carson City.


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Greg Byington
Nice one, Gary!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Instead of taxiing all the way to the 16R end of runway 16R-34L, the pilot elected to begin the takeoff roll at the intersection of taxiway Delta and runway 16R. His decision was a fortunate one for me because it meant that 99-0004 rotated just far enough down 16R that its rapid climb put it directly level with me just as downtown Reno came into the background. If the takeoff had started at the beginning of 16R, Air Force Two would have rotated earlier so at this point in its climb it would have been higher, and I would not have been able to get the city in the photo.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Greg. TYVM. I was rather surprised that there were so very few folks around. AF2 flew here from KLAS and the flight was actually shown on FA. Look below my pic. I've never seen AF1 or AF2 flights listed before. (Wave)
Dave Sheehy
Excellent Gary! 5*+
Greg Byington
Hey, you're welcome! That was pretty fortunate because it made for a great pic! And that is interesting about the listed flights. I've never noticed it, either.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Howdy, Dave, and Thank You. And hey, a big Congrats to the Red Sox. Absolutely superb series and a very fitting conclusion to a fabulous season. I'll bet Beantown is going bonkers today (lol). Well done! (Wave)
Leon Kay
Thank you for a nice shot and the accompanied comment.
Bill Vance
Amazing shot Gary. Not only AF2 with perfectly framed downtown Reno, but the UNR N on Peavine. Did you take from Rattlesnake Mt.? Always enjoy your Photos. First thing I look for in my weekly FA email.
Again--very nice shot!
Hope you sent your pics to the security detail.
michel charron
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Greg and Dave ... Thanx, guys. (Wave) Tatiana .... Hello and Thank You very much. I appreciate your comment. (Waving with a happy smile, too) Leon ... I am always very pleased that you enjoy my photos and that you like reading the info. TY, Leon. Hey, Bill ... I very much appreciate your support and your positive comments. And I am at CXP fairly often. If you e/m at OldeCarl@gmail.com , I will reply (from a different e/m addy) and perhaps we can link up for coffee or lunch or something. And also, are you related to Tom (aka: Alien) in Redding or to Dan Vance, the RAR pilot? Tom ... There are some other photogs around here, but --- 1) they are only interested in spotting if they do not have to miss a bit of sleep, 2) and only if the weather is perfect, and 3) only if it does not require them to exert any physical effort (like walking farther than 30 feet from their cars, etc.). In other words, they are spotters ONLY when it is ultra-convenient and easy. At lastly, their friendship has proven to be extremely unreliable. I used to meet with them; not anymore; I have learned my lesson the hard way. But there are some great folks just over the hill on your side of the Sierra. Marylou and Michel .... Many Thanks to both of you for your comments and complis
Tom Vance
Fall colors = less snakes? LOL...You lucky, great shot here Gman! Calendar material! Yes, I dont think many people follow Pences air travel....or there are not a lot of air photogs like yourself in RNO...:)
Tom Vance
Hay - only 1- Vance in the group.....jk LOL! 2 mentioned in 1 thread ( Bill and Dan )
99-0004 için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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