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Crash Landing: Logo Painted over on 'Alitalia' Plane

After a crash landing that injured 16 people on Saturday, it appears that an aircraft has been painted to cover the logo of Italy's flag carrier Alitalia. The flight had been operated by a Romanian subcontractor to the Italian national airline. ( Daha Fazlası...

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David Sims 5
Not unusual. Most airlines will quickly cover over their logos and names on a wrecked aircraft. They are trying to minimize the number of photos of their brand that can be associated with the accident.
mike SUT 1
Agree with David Sims......they even painted the windows over....rush job
David Sims 1
Probably done by a bunch of rampers with paint rollers.
Ray Zimmermann 1
I don't know how it is in Italy; I would think in the U.S. the NTSB would take a dim view of someone tampering with aircraft wreckage before they did their investigation.
David Sims 1
In a non fatal incident, the NTSB usually turns the wreckage back over to the operator pretty quickly.


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