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Douglas A-26 Invader (N99420) - Known failure of nose gear before landing, no injuries
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Douglas A-26 Invader (N99420)


Known failure of nose gear before landing, no injuries


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From the video I had no idea how much smoke was in the cockpit, hence the canopies. John's has the repairs well under way
Todd RoyerPhoto Uploader
the series of photos I took actually show the smoke did not come up into the cockpit until the canopy was cracked open, the cockpit then filled with smoke very quickly.
ian mcdonell
A great photographic record of an event that could have had far more serious outcomes. Thanks for sharing this.
Gary Schenauer
If there was ever a picture in the gallery that deserved to be awarded 20 stars, this is that picture. An absolutely fantabulous (FANTAstic and faBULOUS) photograph ... ultra superior quality and perfect "capture the moment" timing. Tremendous shot, Todd; way, WAY beyond outstanding!
Paul Wisgerhof
Outstanding photo. And, boy, was that expensive!
John Buckley
Is B-26, No?
chris kowalski
Great Photo thanks for sharing
Pavel Anisimov
Up in smoke :)
Agreed with Gary. This is the picture of the year Todd. Glad everyone made it out OK. Could have been a lot worse.
Todd RoyerPhoto Uploader
Thank you for the positive comments, really just lucky to be standing in the right place at the right time. I almost left a few minutes before this occurred because all traffic had been diverted to another runway, but happened to see a crash truck move out from its parking space and decided to stick around for a few more minutes. This is the results.
Robert Willson
Isn't this the gear up landing at Oshkosh this past July?
Todd RoyerPhoto Uploader
Yes, but not a gear up, mechanical failure in nose gear, would not lock down, just flapping up and down in the slipstream before touch down.
Great picture but that's not Chino CA (KCNO) I've been based there for several years and that background is someplace else.
Todd RoyerPhoto Uploader
That's what happens when I try to upload photos from multiple airports at the same time, corrected to KOSH
William Baldwin
Todd, GREAT SHOT! 20 Stars for sure. It is a Douglas A-26B Invader still in WWII complete configuration. The A-26C models generally used in Korea were renamed B-26. This was in Oshkosh 2016.
Greg Byington
Great shot!
Pedro Canto Filho
excellent, perfect
Engines were running so they are probably damaged along with engine mounts.
sam kuminecz
here is the video of the landing

Roger Rose
If he had only come in more steeply he could have shut the engines off somewhat prier to flare. I have not flown this aircraft so perhaps I speak out of turn. An excellent photo and video. It is a beautiful aircraft and am sure this will be back in flight soon.
Richard Ashley
Bror Monberg
The photo is terrific. I believe this is a Douglas A26, as in attack. The B26, as in bomber, is a Martin Marauder. The A26 in this photo was also called a B26 after WWII.
Todd RoyerPhoto Uploader
I know this is an A-26 unfortunately the ICAO coding system used on this site to sort aircraft types lumps all subtypes together as B-26, fairly common issue on this site
sam kuminecz
Bror, the ICAO code for the b-26 marauder would be B26M. B26 is the invader
teeth are made to eat...not necessarily the ground!!!
Don Norris
Great capture!!
Todd RoyerPhoto Uploader
ICAO code for the Douglas A-26 is B26 and the Martin B-26 is B26M so the coding is correct for this photo.
Excelente foto.
Blade Hanover
Planes can do endos now?? Awesome!!
scott dicken
Great pic and blessings for no injuries. (except b26) So few left anymore, hate to see em get hurt.
Phil Preston
"Please remain seated until the plane comes to a complete stop. . . "
This is not funny
Chris Arnicar
Very glad no one was hurt !
John Gotch
B26 Faceplant.....Ughh
Iain Girling
Great photo. Pleased there were no injuries. Was the nose art done before or after the incident ? It’s very appropriate.
Hayley Shaw
John Giambone
Those bent props, wow!
malachi milu
my gosh
jesse kyzer
Constructed as a 1944? A-26B-45-DL by Douglas at Long Beach, Califoria, USA.
N99420 için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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