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Lockheed EC-121 Constellation (VH-EAG)



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Kyden Hunte
Cool pic dude....
C.W. Reed
Love these Connies! Wish I could see this one fly in person! 5 stars! Thank You Nathen!
Paul Wisgerhof
Looks to me like a standard 1049 Conni, not a USAF EC-121 version.
Keith Enno
Did the old checkerboard hill approach at Kai Tak back in 1967 in a old Pan Am charter Constellation. An amazing and historic aircraft.
Dennis Barney
LG-1049 Super Constellation (super had distinctive tip-tanks)
. . . most beautiful of them all !!! TKS
Greg Zelna
72 pistons trying to swap places...........
pete weston
worked on the last frt aircraft at bwi in the late 70s if I remember right had Bendix electric props had to fix a shorted wire
My Fav airliner.
A Beauty & a Beast in one solid airplane! You have to love ❤️ her!
Wally Pereyra
Took my first flight from SEA to ANC (with three intermediate AK stops) in 1956 on a PNA Connie. Amazing airplane and memorable experience for a 19 yr old kid from NJ.
John Diehl
In 1957 did what seemed forever at the time crossing the Atlantic my first time on TWA Connie.
Flew on Constellations first time three weeks prior to birth, then aged two weeks.
It was 1958 on Eastern Airlines.
Yes, that is a great aircraft, and, what a way to start flying!
Paul W. I agree. The cowls, flaps, and spinners look like the pinnacle of Connie engineering an L1049 model G or later, the "Super-G". This may be the airframe that once was owned by the Save-A-Connie foundation in Kansas City, then registered as N6937C (Lockheed sn: 4830). I heard it was sold to someone in NSW.
Lovely. Nice shot.
What a beautiful bird !!
Conrad Kass
The Navy ran flights called Pacific Express from west coast to Hawaii,Kwagalene ,Guam and Japan as I remember in about 1959. It was a plush Connie with if you will BEDS from your seat in full recline. It was 1st class.
Wayne Brown
There was an old wrecked Connie along side the N/S runway at Anchorage Sen.Ted Stevens airport.
I always loved to look at her when taking off or landing @ ANC. Never flew in a Connie but always wanted too.
Wayne Brown
There was an old wrecked Connie parked along the N/S runway @ Anchorage Sen. Ted Stevens airport.
I loved to get a look at her when landing or taking off. Never flew in one but always wanted too.
Classic elegance.
Wolfgang Holst
I had the honor of being flown in one when we immigrated to the United States in January, 1950.
O.K. My apologies Paul W. and all. This aircraft is an ex C-121C. Looked her up: Lockheed sn: 4176 was delivered to USAF MATS in 1955 and registered as 54-0157. She served in MATS for a dozen years and another couple of decades in the Air National Guard. She was then retired and flown to Davis Montana AFB in March of 1977. After years of neglect, the USAF Museum “command” (Whoever owned her by this time…?) finally traded her to the National Aeronautic and Space Museum of Australia (NASMA) in November 1991. She got the first civilian registration N4115Q during the early part of her restoration. As final refit began in 1994 she received her current Australian registration VH-EAG. Connie lovers check out >conniesurvivors.com<…
Stephen Walford
Gorgeous aircraft! Never flew on one but have always been a fan of the design. Thanks for posting!
Phil Faidley
This lady is based at the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) at Albion Park airfield (YWOL), Wollongong NSW, Australia. There is a documentary on how they found and restored the aircraft and got it back to Sydney.
Connie symbolises the important part the L1049 had to play in establishing Australia as part of the world, accessible by aircraft, post WWII.
My grandfather flew most of the inaugural Qantas L1049 flights between Australia and the rest of the world.
It was breathtaking to wander up the aisle of this beautiful lady.
Dave Mathes
....1st air trip was in a TWA Connie...will never forget it!....
John Hankinson
Flew to America with my mom on one of these 1947. Was 2 1/2 years old. TWA
VH-EAG için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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