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  88 Aldığı Oy (4.82 Ortalama) ve 7.713 Görüntülenme  

— — - KC-97 NAS Dallas 1968
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KC-97 NAS Dallas 1968


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Don FitzgeraldPhoto Uploader
KC-97 landing after an airshow refueling demonstration at NAS Dallas 1968. Nikormat FT 50mm 1.4 Nikor S Kenko 2x telextender Kodak Tri-x Pan at ASA 400 1000th of a second at f8.
Dave Sheehy
Fantastic shot, info and hope you have more of them. Thanks for posting Don.5*+++
Gavin Hughes
Top shot!
Alan Brown
Great photo! Thanks for posting it.
Diana Rose
Great film shot.
ken kemper

Beautiful shot

I used a Nikormat FT2 for many years beginning in 1977. Had the camera 'til about 5 years ago.
John Rumble
When I moved to Miami in 1979 there were still 2 of these old K97 in civilian clothes running cargo to the Islands out of KMIA
I lived close enough to the airport you could hear the sweet sound of those compound radials
John Rumble
Here's a shot
Mike Beckhoff
L model 97's are awesome!
Excellent shot! At just about the same time as this photo was taken, I was involved in qualifying the A-37 'Dragonfly' for refueling from KC's. Brings back some great memories.
David Ingram
Crossed the pond multiple times on these. Solid platform. You can lay back there in the boomers position looking down for hours and see absolutely nothing but water.
Jim Smith
First military plane I ever flew in for my first ANG "Summer Camp." KTCM to KMUO. Summer of '65.
Jerry Madero
Haven’t seen specs like this in a while.
When did the Air Force installed a couple of jet engines a la B-36 on the 97s. What was the max speed with and sans jet engines.
robin guess
@chalet The KC-97L has a listed top speed of 400Kts. IIRC the jet engines were only fired up for short periods to assist in refueling of fighters and B-52's as the BUFF had to fly full flaps and rear gear deployed and refuel in a shallow dive prior to the addition of jets to the KC-97.
James Simms
Belongs to the KC-97 & Boeing 377 Facebook groups
Don FitzgeraldPhoto Uploader
I don't understand your comment, James.


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