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  61 Aldığı Oy (4.40 Ortalama) ve 14.763 Görüntülenme  

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Gary Jackson
What aircraft is this? Strictly transport or also weapon capable? What country?
Keith Revell
It's the Nimrod MRA4.... A remake in everything but fuselage of the Nimrod MR2 (which I flew). Sadly both we're chopped by the government in about June 2010.
Michael Shellard
To Keith
I am as a Brit living in Central CA coast sorry to read your news that they have gone!!
I hope my memory is not that way out but I seem to remember an MR2 finding some plane wreckage mid atlantic or thereabouts of a small plane ferry flight that didn't make it.
I am old enough [67] to remember the good old Comet and its early disasters but isn't the Nimrod based upon the Comet chassis to use a car term?
It appears to me therefore that UK has no maritime search and anti sub capabilities any longer so sad.
gwapo santa
wow the nimrod.. is it still used ??
gwapo santa
when i was 10yrs old i flew in the raf comet 2 from raf negombo to lynam.. never knew about windows pop out .. god it was cold in jan in uk after ceylon. i also remember the BAOC comet 4 and the Qantas Super constellation the DC3 Dakota. not sure abt the Boeing 707.. pembrook anson. (spelling )chipmunk...
Gary Jackson, it is not really a "transport", though given its size it may have gotten some such use. The real mission is as a navy airbourne intell platform, note the MAD boom on the back for anti-sub work. In that role it also carries sono-bouys, homing torpedoes or whatever was currently popular for making subs nervous. Note also, the assorted bumps, bulges, fins, wing tip accoutrements, and other curious external features that each served some electronic intelligence gathering purpose. In addition its size allowed onboard intelligence processing which leads to command and control functions as well. Neat machine.
BigDaddy Blue
We had 1 here at -EFD- a few years ago for Wings Over Houston airshow. Very cool. Extremely LOUD!!
interesting and cool airplane...
I'm glad to have seen a couple of them fly, I just wish I had taken more pictures!


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