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Airbus A380-800 (F-HPJB) - Last flight to LAX before the return to the Lessor
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Airbus A380-800 (F-HPJB)


Last flight to LAX before the return to the Lessor


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jean louis DelezennePhoto Uploader
Leaving HOLLYWOOD ( sign visible at bottom left)
a mentor
Hollywood has no airport per se :- grin.
KONT is due East some 35mi and F-HPJB would not be this low.
KBUR is far too short for the A380.
KLAX is further South and the sign is not visible for approaching aircraft.

I would conclude this is a comosite of multiple pictures
Max G
@a mentor. Have you ever flown into LAX? The last time I remember flying into LAX from SFO, the Hollywood sign was clearly visible on the right side.

This photo is clearly at LAX and not a composite of pictures. Do your research before accusing others.
a mentor
flown in many times, but viewing from the cabin is different than a ground shot like this. I've lived in the area > 50 yrs and know the terrain well.
Todd Royer
The Hollywood sign is visible on a clear day for departing aircraft, which this appears to be, notice the opening gear doors.
a mentor
The pic is from ground level, so line of sight to the sign is the question.

Vista del Mar (ocean frontage) & Grant Ave
( S.W. corner of rw 25L sea level to catch the departures)
Mt Lee Dr, Los Angeles where the sign is located
(some 1,595 feet AGL)

Crosses Culver City, West Hollywood & Baldwin Hills

I can't be sure there's a clear shot to the sign so until I can get down to that location, I WILL APOLOGY for the uncertainty.
jean louis DelezennePhoto Uploader
Photo taken at LAX from the Qantas Maintenance area. next to the North remote gates. no composite.
jean louis DelezennePhoto Uploader
@Todd Royer, great catch re opening doors, also check the other shots going into the setting sun at the end of 24 L over PDR https://flightaware.com/photos/view/2307327-bb947a9595f22026381b1a47314d182831dc99cc/aircraft/FHPJB/sort/votes/page/1
jean louis DelezennePhoto Uploader
This Is a new location for me having spent a lot of time around the field for those different shots. Just recently discovered that the sign can be part of the photo for the lower departing flights.
jean louis DelezennePhoto Uploader
@a.mentor, See you East of Pershing by the maintenance area someday! Fun to get new angles/ composition shots
jean louis DelezennePhoto Uploader
@Max G: thank you !
jean louis DelezennePhoto Uploader
Edward Dougherty
Interesting dialogue here re: the photo, the angle, whether the photo was even possible. Very much appreciate that after the initial suggestion (not quite a charge) that the photo was a composite, and then the counter-arguments came in, the original poster was classy enough to apologize.  But there was another, different component of the shot that was more of a first concern for me, and that was the wording 'Last flight TO (my emphasis) LAX before the return to the Lessor,' and that's because this is a shot that to me, the non-pilot here, it was not entirely clear - from angle, the articulation of the nose, the flaps - whether it was coming or going.  To my eyes - first impression - the flight was departing, hence the confusion about the language.  Also, just this larger issue of the plane being stripped of its earlier identifiers.  Where did that happen? When? And what is next for this behemoth? At least we can all agree that the photo (terrific, BTW) was a conversation starter.  
a mentor
@Edward; the first post by the owner notes "Leaving Hollywood". In addition, approach is 99% of the time from the East where the image could NOT capture the Hollywood sign AND the flap deployment would have been full and massively visible ...

I don't get the comment re "gear doors" as they're open until Gear UP.
Todd Royer
@a mentor, the two doors in the extreme nose position and the very large main doors are closed after the gear is extended, the only time you see them open is when the gear is extending or retracting, look at some shots of the A380 taxing and you will see that the doors are closed.
Edward Dougherty
@a Mentor I hear ya. But I honestly thought the term 'Leaving Hollywood' was a sort of word play, like the movie title 'Leaving Las Vegas.' I am certain the poster did not mean 'the airport,' in Hollywood, because there isn't one. Also, while I concede the point that the Hollywood sign is not loudly visible, the LAX complex is huge,there are many available angles for a shot like this, and parallax being what it is, the sign can indeed be incorporated in to such a shot, from such an angle. Translation: I have seen the sign from the airport grounds. Trust @jean louis Delezenne He's guiding you.
a mentor
ok ok, I'll confess I've never been on hand for either an approach / takeoff of ANY Airbus --extremely jealous. Anything the size of the 747 or A380 is just JAW DROPPING :-)
a mentor
BTW: recommend the 'Proud Bird' restaurant on the approach to LAX as a great venue.
Proud Bird, 11022 Aviation Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045 -- google the name
There's a room dedicated to the Tuskegee Airmen
jean louis DelezennePhoto Uploader
will add a pair of photos from the same Vantage point with HOLLYWOOD clearly visible above the remote gate stands, weird angle and composition I Agree, did a recent photo shoot from the sea on a reverse pattern day at LAX with landing aircrafts flying above the Hollywood sign too before touching down
jean louis DelezennePhoto Uploader
The Aircraft performed it's last flight to Knock in Ireland for dismantlement! https://www.radarbox24.com/data/flights/AFR373S/
jean louis DelezennePhoto Uploader
F-HPJB için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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