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De Havilland Canada Twin Otter (N814BC) - Perfect
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De Havilland Canada Twin Otter (N814BC)




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Faisal Jan
humm what else do you want ..:)
Sanjeev Ghanekar
I am not looking at the plane at all.!!!!
Jamar Jackson
Yea this is a true panty dropper. I know a few who would drop for a 1978 152
john Stahr
the DeHaviland Otter...also know for building the awesome Beaver!
bela lancha, ir a praia desta maneira e alto nível.
She has gorgeous curves...
Jorge Luis Mendez
I have a great 6000 hours on twin, but never with the beauty of woman
Wowwwww...do you need a pilot to help you ???
Uwe Klages
nice plane .... but even nicer accessory
Richard Beers
What plane??? (Wink)
Keith Fox
Sweet plane!
Skip Hill
What plane??
Norm Tucker
Yes with one of these, I can get one of those. Great water too!
What a good figure
sam kuminecz
twins are always fun
Marco Bevacqua
i want be there. Being pilot and relaxing by swimming
love this one !!
David Chormann
What airline do THOSE stewardess's work for??? Looks alikethey charge for suitcases AND clothes!!!
William Baldwin
What a great cowboy hat!
Travis Mauldin
I wonder if this photo should be tagged "not aviation like" since no one sees the plane.
It‘s very beautiful.
Oscar Fernandez
forget about De Havilland, look at the "spare engine"
ricardo azevedo
George Edwards
Superb lines
Sergey Bogush
and what will next....?
Bill Mortensen
Beautiful bird.....I mean BIRDS!
Jim Powell
For the life of me I don't see a plane anywhere!
Francois Tirmont
Voila l'aviation comme on l'aime !
Jim Costello
What a perfect showboat
Mikel Wynn
Paul Doege
Otter with a Beaver
Joel Lefevre
The plane is nice too !!!!!!
Richard Schmidt
Did someone say there's an aircraft in this picture
raoul carcassonne
humm super pour se poser a proximité du château d'If au large de Marseille....
Jhon Lewis
Holy moly, she's a beut. Those curves, those engines, those floats man. Aww dude, I want to fly her so bad. ;)
@John Stahr;
Best comment :-D
be there... hi hi hi
Glad you like my plane & my wife! :)
Are you a Fry of Fry's Electronics Skyroamer?:)
Norman Barry
Just love the Babes !
Jill Hittinger
What plane?
Larry Raber
My gear just went three green!
Eric Schmaltz
"What a handsome craft..
Such lovely lines".
Rob Jordan
How's the dude in the water going to pay for the brew? Or, is it all expenses paid?
Ernesto Tekhaus
Excelente nave.
tommy enneper
verry nice !
scott dicken
Over 500k views. Hmmm, wonder why? lol
Craig Weis
Best sight known to man.
John L. Sullivan
Who needs a boat ???????
Tom Glass
It continues to get votes!
Jonah Crosby
I miss tropics...
Something to dream about tonight.
Sidney Smith
Greatest aviation photo, ever.
Bill Waters
What a well built unit. I'd fly it anytime!
Craig Weis
Floats my boat.
Best shape known to man.
yall are such perverts i would rather be in the warm tropical place she is then meet her.
Duncan Stewart
I like the Beaver more than the Otter
david lomax
were can a catch that flight.
Todd Peters
What kind of beer is she bringing out? Oh never mind.....
Darin Dexheimer
Wasn't looking at the plane!!
Noah Brown


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