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63-7553 —
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63-7553 —



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Neil Klapthor
Another oldie but goody...nice shot. Always liked the look of the F-4, not sleek, but more "you really don't want to mess with me" kinda look! Actually, I thought they'd been retired.
David Aaron
Back when it was March AFB. Nice photo. especially considering the fact that it must have been taken sometime between late 1988 and early 1993 you can see the SAC insignia on the KC-135E and the white
9SAC Camo) tails of the 22nd ARW KC-10A Extenders.
michael adams
awe my fav awesome i wish i could fly in one of those....PRICELESS
Beautiful jet fighter F-4D I was a crew chief back when I was stationed at Hollman AFB Alamogordo , New Mexico . I believe most of those are with the Guard now .
All F 4's have been retired. They still fly as un-manned drones
at Tyndal AFB in Panama City. They are flown over the Gulf of
Mexico as targets for F-15 and F-16's to shoot at.
michael adams
The Fresno national guard in Fresno CA has 12 of these planes out on the tarmake awesome....Does any body know where i can get blowup pictures of the F4
gwapo santa
love it
John Sapyta
My father flew F4's in da Nang, and at George AFB, then at Hill AFB
Beautiful jet fighter F-4D. Over 1000 hours when I was the Texas Air National Guard at Kelly AFB, San Antonio and Ellington ANG, Houston. Flew out of Hollman AFB Alamogordo, New Mexico numerous times. What an a fighter. Check Six!
D Edwards
The tail number identifies this as a C model F4. Worked FLR and Inertial Nav Systems on quite a few of these at Tan Son Nhut AB, RVN back in the day. Very solid airplane.
Esdras Eli Moreno
My sentiments on the F-4 Phantom @Neil Klapthor, "you really don't want to mess with me". I crewed F-4C&F-4D when I was stationed at Torrejon AFB close to Madrid Spain May of 1977-1979. We had the oldest I think F-4c in inventory it's tail number was TJ-532,1962 year model it had 3 or 4 Mig stars on the intake variramp,with each of the pilots name & rank on each star. I always looked forward to getting it ready to launch every morning, I guess you can say I was proud of teaming up with this war machine n pilots that few it. It was rarely on out of flight status you'd think it was assembled on a Wednesday? The neatest part was when I left Spain in 1979 I was stationed a Kelly field AFB in San Antonio Texas. Six months later I found out that the F-4C'& D's had been replaced by F-15 Eagles. It sadden me a bit but one day I'm dive by the Texas Air Nation Guard in SA n to my excitement there on the flight line is a fleet on Phatoms, all brought over from Spain. I don't remember seeing that war machine 62-532 with its unique camouflage on what I call jungle green no tan on it. I just wonder if Mig29a remembers seeing it?
HabujetPhoto Uploader
Yup, shot at then March AFB, September 1985 on slide film. The ANG there started with F-4C's then went to E's followed by the RF-4C's.
A classic! Brilliant!
63-7553 için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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