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Boeing 727-200 (N7295U)


KSJC - It must be Sunday because I've parked in the old rental car carwash/prep area and usually no one was here real early and I wouldn't get told to leave....The Chicago flight is on pushback sans wing-walkers and the tug driver will soon position this jet 180 degrees right in front of me, then tug this 727-200 nose 1st out to the ramp before start up. The small one story terminal expansion shown here was done late 1960s as more terminal gates were needed for growing San Jose Airport - not yet an International airport. Above the reg number here, peeking out above the jet is the then new 1960s era Control Tower view looking north. Since dad was a traveling sales manager he used United Airlines weekly( flew out Sunday nights and home Friday nights) we were at SJC every week growing up. Before this terminal expansion here with the C gates, the old observation deck was facing this jet, and a very small platform, luckily later SJC Officials moved the observation deck to the west side of the C gates facing the ramp and runways with a bit larger platform..though the view was limited to looking west and south only. Apprx photo date here early 1990s.


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Gary Schenauer
Two triholers = 6. ******. Great capture. Absolutely love the Twenty-Seven.
C.W. Reed
I agree with Gary! Same scene at KFAT, Denver Stapleton, KORD just to name 3! Excellent blast from the past, Tom!
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Thanks Gman and CW..I appreciate that...I've pulled some videos out of the boxes in the garage ( VHS ) I'm hoping to upload this weekend of 727 action at SJC back mid to late 1980s....and I've been sorting slides and negatives I'll post here in the future - check back often - I was soooo lucky to have grown up in Seattle and above BFI when the 727 was being test flown pre 1964....and at 11yrs old no camera .....dang I wish.....
Robert Cowling
I moved to a new city with a 'large' airport, and United was still flying those on a lot of areas. I remember they flew them for a few months before downgrading to the 737-200. The 727 was a great plane. I loved the space, the aisles, everything about them. I remember looking out the rear door to the escape ladder and the center engine ducting. Such an odd configuration I thought, but still was an awesome ride.

Now Delta is the primary airline, and their contagious crappy RJ's. One had a bad door seal, and whistled the whole trip to the hub. On another one, the really youngish pilot screwed something up, and we rolled hard. Nice... And they are so filthy!

One United express flight I took because of destination not covered by Delta well, the flight attendants were talking about the day before. The first flight out, someone puked in the back, and it took them three tries, flying from here to ORD, to get it cleaned up. NO THANKS! I'll walk if I have to. It should be a crime, the way they treat the flying public. /rant
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Thanks Robert, Cdub and Gman - Robert, funny stuff but you are correct. I'm flying Kmart 4/27 to PHX w/wife,,,,R/T it should be fun.
William Hamlin
Epic shot.
Colton Fletcher
N7295U için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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