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  65 Aldığı Oy (4.48 Ortalama) ve 10.765 Görüntülenme  

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Location for this beautiful Seabee??
ian mcdonell
nice pic, thanks
Very nice Thanks
Nice picture but without the story and location no stars
roland pfeifer
It is a float plane With pusher prop right. Beautiful background.
Looks like Utah
Just from the look of the mountains, I would have to guess that it is Mona Reservoir just north of Mona, Utah. (I know this area fairly well).

At any rate, it is a very beautiful aircraft and photo.
Final guess - Mona lake, Mona, Utah - looking east southeast at Mt Nebo
James Brand
Nice shot!
Pretty sure your right, thomasj234. There is a small water management facility, off Goshen Canyon Rd on the West side of the lake, where the road takes you down near a dam where Currant Creek comes into the Reservoir. That road behind the Seabee looks very much like the road that parallels the shore line South from that dam. I think there is even a ramp where one might taxi up out of the lake.
Martin Coddington

It is not a float plane. No floats. It is a seaplane or flying boat.
Story & location, well it ran out gas on near Miami beach can't you see the glaciers behind?
robert kennington
In the late 50s, I flew in my Dad's maroon Seabee--his second flying boat. His first was a Grumman that he sold to Henry Ford II. He flew PBYs in the war, so after a few Cessna aircraft, this was a natural progression.

He used to say that stall speed, top speed, and landing speed were all 70-MPH. ;)
Alan Brown
Great photo!
Carl Carlsen
Someone spent a lot of $$$ restoring this beautiful Seabee. Wonder if anyone has every found a better engine than the original that would improve the lousy performance? I've seen the twin engine pusher conversion. Looks like a great improvement?
John Wallach
I remember many years ago that Arthur Godfrey on CBS had one.
John Yarno
It has been many years since I saw a CB. Nice picture, when and where?
John Yarno
It has been a very many years since I saw a CB, nice shot. When and where?
Yep,the twin forward mounted Lycoming version in the 1970s was called the Twin Bee. But I had not heard about that twin pusher engined version.
John Konieczny
???? I saw a Seabee in Navy livery and colors based at Lake Tahoe. The guy had put a Chevy V8 in the plane and this greatly increased performance. It was on the internet 5-6 years ago.
michael hollier
I can hear the swimming salmon


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