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Lockheed C-130 Hercules (69-5828)


The first photo of 69-5828 to be posted into FA's photo gallery captures this Lockheed MC-130P Combat Shadow just off runway 16L and on the climb into an overcast sky over Reno Tahoe International. It has been flying sorties out of RNO for several days, and I've been snapping hundreds of clicks of it.
These Combat Shadow Hercs have now become quite rare in the air. The USAF retired their last two a couple of years ago. 69-5828 is one of four MC-130Ps still being flown out of KNUQ (Moffett) by the 129th Rescue Wing of the California ANG, but its days (as well as the days of the other three) are numbered.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
A memorable sight for me when I caught this aircraft yesterday. At the time it was departing, RNO's primary runway 16R-34L was closed which meant that the larger aircraft were all using the shorter (9000 ft) 16L-34R. I positioned next to that runway between two buildings at the 3000 foot mark. The location is excellent for closeup shots, but because of the two buildings that obstruct the view of all of 16L except for a short section between the 2000 and 4000 foot markers, there are only a few seconds in which to get those closeups. When this Hercules taxied away from Atlantic Aviation, it was instructed to backtaxi along 16L. That brought it right past me. As I was snapping it, the copilot gave a wave. I'm a retired USAF E-7, so I snapped a fast salute to him and his fellow crewmen on the deck. He then quickly motioned for me to stay where I was, indicated they were going to be coming by on takeoff, and seemed to be implying I should be ready to take another picture. I gave a Thumbs Up, and 69-5828 disappeared from sight behind a hangar structure on my right. About two minutes later, I could hear it approaching along 16L on its takeoff roll, and I was ready to shoot it coming along the runway. But when it popped into view at the 2000 marker, I had a he-- of a surprise. It had already rotated: the mains were still on the runway but the nose was pointed at the clouds. It was a Hercules doing a wheelie. An awesome sight for sure!
Roy Hunte
Spectacular shot!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, howdy, Roy. TYVM.
I only posted this one because I wanted a snap of it in my FA folder. I'll email a better click of it, but probably not 'til Saturday. Tomorrow I'll be watching the TV. Thank goodness it is finally Jan 20th. (Both Thumbs Up)
I was out for six of the past seven days. Averaged over a thousand pics a day. Lots of poor WX shots. Reno doesn't often get poor weather so it was a unique week. There were two other spotters who came over one day. I was the "host spotter" and we had a great time. Will send a couple from those days, too.
Gary... another spectacular photo and a rare "communication" encounter with the C-130 California ANG (USAF) pilot, who apparently cared to assist you in capturing this shot!!!

Hope he is able to see this one.
Greg Byington
69-5828 için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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