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Textron AirLand's "Scorpion" (N531TA) is caught in this shot as it is being towed out of an Atlantic Aviation hangar at Reno Tahoe International. This E530 is, at present, the only one of its kind in existence; however, a second "Scorpion" will be coming off the Wichita production line very soon.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
The new Scorpion will feature several modifications (ie: improvements). A couple of those modifications are 1) each main landing gear assembly will weigh over 100 pounds less (decreasing overall weight which promotes fuel efficiency and increases maximum range) and 2) flap assemblies have been improved.
Thanks, Gary, for the difficulty you faced in capturing this one... and your dedication to see it to the end!!!

A great photo... I appreciate you sharing this one with us!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Thanx, Cliff. I had briefly explained my med situation to the Scorpion team, so they understood why I was having difficulty walking, etc., and they even said they appreciated that my interest in their aircraft was intense enough that I'd come out for photos so soon after surgery. After it was parked outside on the ramp, they actually gave me unrestricted access but I was so "off kilter" (and doped up on Percocet) that they were concerned I might topple off the cockpit ladder ... until I assured them that I was completely incapable of climbing anything anyway. lol
This is a cool ship, Cliff. They are touring around, so if it comes anywhere near you, be sure to go see it.
Mathias Böttcher
Hi Gary , think of your health !
new fighter ? SCORPION - sounds dangerous ,

beautiful photo, Chef :-)
Greg Byington
Nice shot, Gary! Take it easy, though!
Gary, those are truly good words you write and it is great to see you back up and at it so soon. I certainly hope you continue to heal and recover from your surgery. With your kind encouragement and your exemplary determination, I shall watch the flight history on this Scorpion to see if she lands anywhere close. Catching a photo of this jet would be a special event!
Mark See
Hi Gary

Glad to see that you are back online so soon after your surgery, it's great to have you back and hear that it went well. This one is a most excellent photo and I am glad that you were able to catch it before it left. Also congrats on capturing the last of the new AAL paints and for your beautiful snap of the UAL 737... ALL 5 star shots.

PS- Like Greg said take it easy (but not too easy because we need you to be out getting more great photos like this lol). Wishing you all the best!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Howdy, Mathias. Thank you for your comment. This one visited England not so very long ago and it is travelling around so perhaps it will pay a visit near you sometime. :-)

Hi, Greg, and Thank you for the compli. (PS: I'll take it easy because I've no choice. I'm discovering that it isn't quite so simple to rebound as I had boasted it would be. Getting old su_ks. lol

Yo, Cliff. I see it went back home to Wichita, but the chief pilot told me it would still be touring. And soon there will be two. I do hope you get to see one up close and personal. If one DOES visit your area, go right up and ask to see it. The team is very willing.

Hey, Mark. How's school coming along? Hope all is OK at your end. TYVM for the comment and the complis about the pics. (And here's a bit of advice ... don't get old. I'm finding out that getting old is a "pain." lol lol). Keep snappin' those great clicks, Mark. ;-)

I will certainly keep my "radar" on in anticipation of this one (or its coming twin) to visit an airport near me soon!

Thanks again for your sage advice on how to best "capture" this rare bird.

Dwight Hartje
Not too many aircraft like this...
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
At this moment, just one.
N531TA için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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