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Airbus A300F4-600 (N172UP) - Thick smoke from two major wildfires burning just west of RNO in California, the North Complex and Loyalton wildfires, is completing obscuring the city skyline and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada as UPS's N172UP is off 16L and beginning to climb out at the start of an early morning (7:08 AM) trip to KONT (Ontario, CA).
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Airbus A300F4-600 (N172UP)


Thick smoke from two major wildfires burning just west of RNO in California, the North Complex and Loyalton wildfires, is completing obscuring the city skyline and the mountains of the Sierra Nevada as UPS's N172UP is off 16L and beginning to climb out at the start of an early morning (7:08 AM) trip to KONT (Ontario, CA).


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
The wildfire smoke was thick enough that my eyes were burning and watering, but I had been requested to be at RNO at 8:15 AM to photograph (along with three television cameramen) a major emergency aircraft crash exercise scheduled for 9 AM. By 8:30 the air at ground level had cleared up a bit and the exercise was conducted as scheduled. It terminated 2 hours and 20 minutes later. About 55 units of emergency equipment (ambulances, fire trucks, police, mortuary, hospital medical, Command Post, helicopters, and city busses) from over 20 area agencies performed actual responses during the exercise. I was a member of the local media that converged on the scene when the simulated crash occurred, and as previously instructed, they took video and I took photos and together we besieged the airport Public Info Officer with questions. The "crash" actually utilized a one-half scale sized tri-engine T-tail "jetliner" that is constructed to be on fire with heavy smoke. During the course of the exercise, I used 3 cameras (all hanging from around my neck) and took just under 2000 photos - some of which were very graphic. It was an "experience" I'll never forget and which we all hope will never happen for real.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Gavin, Alien, Viv, Cliff, Dave S., Hundo, Dwight, a mentor, Greg ... After obtaining a couple of opinions from friends in this area, photos I took during the exercise are only marginally appropriate to this site and might even be upsetting to some viewers who are not known to me. So I am prepared to share with any of you and others of my FA friends who I do not have e/m addys for (ie: Darryl, John M., rwb, Ken K, Fiona, etc., etc.). All I need is to know you DO wish to receive such pics. For those who I do not have an e/m addy, such as John M or Ken K, etc., reply to OldeCarl@gmail.com with the addy you wish me to use. Thanx. ... G
Greg Byington
Great shot, Gary! That sounds like quite an experience, and yes, I would like to see some of your other shots. Keep up the great work!
Nice shot, Gary and yes I would like to see the results of your photo shoot, thanks!
Gavin Hughes
Such an atmospheric photo, worth a full 5 and more. We've had that experience here in the past, interesting photos and can be taken but don't we all wish it didn't happen.

I will be another one for your photos of course, and kudos to you for having the sense to not post graphic images here - simulated or not. Not sure some people wouldn't be as considerate and you'd hope in those cases FA wouldn't allow them anyway.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
On the way. Do Not Repost.
Dwight Hartje
Beautiful shot, Gary! Stay safe out there!
Viv Pike
Hey Gary, thank you so much for your consideration.
YES PLEASE, I would love to see your photos of what can only be described as dream for most photogs (the simulation I mean, never a real event).
Please feel free to send my way.

(ps - considering the atmospheric conditions there, this pic above is outstanding!)
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
@ Viv, Lonnie ... Two sent. More soon. Dwight ... TYVM. Hey, I caught two very different BNSF locomotives. Not my primary interest but they looked neat. (Wave)
Dwight Hartje
BNSF has a bunch of great schemes such as Fakeboonet, Executive, Wedge, Orange Pumpkin, and many others. I really like them and would love to see the pics!
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