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Boeing 727-200 (N727US)


JUS's N727US, a wonderful old Boeing B727-200 tri-holer that originally flew for American Airlines over three decades ago, is just about to sweep past my spotting location at the PAPI lights between RNO's parallel runways as it arrives here a few minutes before noon to complete a flight from Laredo (KLRD). It was a very special thrill to be right next to a 727 as it swept by and touched down on 16R.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
USA Jet's N727US has quite a history. It first flew in AA paint in 1981. In the years between then and now, this Boeing tri has changed owners and garb as it went from AA to Fed Ex to Capital Cargo and then to Global Air. Now it wears JUS's red, white, and blue livery. My first-ever jet flight was on an AA B727 from BUF to NYC's Idlewild (now named JFK). I know my flight wasn't on this particular B727 but ever since that first flight, the 727 has been my fave jetliner. It was great to see ... and photograph ... this one.
Gary... the Boeing 727 is one of my favorites too!!! Always!!!

Thanks for sharing this photo capture with us!!! :-)
Greg Byington
Very cool, Gary! Nicely done!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Greg & Cliff >> Thanx, guys. Cliff >> The only tail-mounted tri-hole T-tail I've never snapped is HS's Trident. I've never even seen one; not even in a museum. And I know that, this late in life, I never will. But the B727 and the Trident ushered in a whole new era of jet paxbirds ... AND ... were instrumental in ushering out the age of the propliners. I'll always be thrilled to see one of these old Boeing tris still in the sky.
Isaac Vogelzang
Very nice shot, I like the positioning with the hotel/casino in the background. Definite 5*.
Gary... you are very welcome and I truly enjoyed the special treat of seeing a Boeing 727 that is still actively flying!!! :-)
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Cliff ... With both American and Allegiant "putting down" their old Mad Dogs, I had thought I'd never get any more chances to click the old MD-80s series. But USA Jet has started freight service to Reno .... and not only do they have this classic 727 in their fleet, they also have MD-80s. I caught one inbound about two months ago, and I've just posted a snap of it. Hope you enjoy it.
Isaac ... Thanx. (And about three weeks ago, our group of av spotters met and one of the pics we rated "5" and viewed on the extra-large screen was one of yours - N608DA. I'll comment under it now.)
Thanks, Gary... and yes, I did enjoy viewing your photo capture of the MD-80!!!
Another very nice picture. 5*
Ron Carver
The 727 and L-1011 were two of my all time favorite jets! They made those jets ultra sturdy and to last forever! I also liked the DC-9 very much too on short haul flights, they were roomy and were small enough (but not too small) to make you feel you were really flying! Definitely not a cruise ship with wings! All three jets were industry workhorses.
patrick baker
there are enough dials and gages on this three-holer's panel, that give the suggestion that these two pilots and one flight engineer has some say in how this bird flies. The panel seems cluttered in comparison to newer and newest panels, but i know for sure i can read and operate from this panel, as well as the latest panels- i have a clue there also. My point is thus: the crews , now in their 30's and older, can read and understand the newer airliners, but maybe not the 707, 720,, 727. . So, who is the pilot here?
Tom Vance
Gman..you know I grew up w/727 blood as we lived on the hill at BFI Seattle till 1964 with daily views of just about every aircraft built back then(Minus the U-2)... The 727 is my jet, and this is awesome! 5x5 Boeing 727 awards on this sleek photo at RNO!
needless to say i will be unloading freight off of this exact aircraft in another 36hours when i comes into CYHM early monday morning..
N727US için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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