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Boeing 737-700 (16-6694)


A Navy C-40A Clipper (166694) taxies north on Charlie to a parking position at Atlantic.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
COVID has really caused the military to discontinue many of the annual training activities that were normally conducted in this area. As a result, the number of visits of military metal has decreased dramatically also. I'm looking forward to 2021.
ken kemper
Neat Photo Gary............

Love the wet runway as you bet I would.
Darryl Sarno
Face to face - nice one Gary! I am also looking forward to 2021!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Darryl, Thanx, my friend. Man, somehow, someday, we have GOT to link up "face to face." I'd truly enjoy getting together with Beantown's most devoted "aviation-photography" shutterbugs: John M., Dave S., and you. How cool that would be. There are no photogs here (in this immediate area) that are truly devoted to aviation photography. (Some will SAY they are but their actions - AND their photos - speak waaaay louder than their words. lol) The closest photog I know of who is indeed an honest devotee is Tom Vance (aka: Alien), but he lives a few hours away to the west in Redding, CA. If I ever get back near your turf, we have GOT to meet if even just for a couple hours. And if you ever come out here, you'd sure nuff better tell me you're coming. Give me as much advance notice as you can and I'll take you to plenty of airports and fine spotting locations at each ... including airside at some. (Thumbs Up)
Gavin Hughes
I'm with Ken, love 'em in the wet. Great pic.
A beautifully composed photo portrait. Mahalo!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Ken & Gavin ... Thank you, guys. Ken ... Great to see you back. I'd wondered where you had disappeared to. (Wave)
Douglas ... Thank you very, very much for your kind compliment. There aren't an awful lot of folks who are appreciative of inclement weather clicks. Ken, Darryl, and Gavin are three of about two dozen or so. I sincerely appreciation YOUR comment. (And man, I so badly want to visit Hawaii again. Wife and I met there 48 years ago and we want to relive the first moments of what has turned out to be a fabulous half ... almost ... century.)
Gary. As you may be aware, life as we know it has been abbreviated greatly here in the islands. Hopefully when it is once again safe to travel we will be glad to welcome you and your wife back to celebrate your special anniversary. Stay well and be safe.
John Marotta
This is a really really view Gary. Not common for many to see. Thank you for sharing and maybe someday FA could add some sort of messenger piece to this site so we could all keep in touch.
Gavin Hughes
John - what a great idea, rather than post after post.
16-6694 için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
Tarih Uçak Kalkış Yeri Varış Yeri Kalkış Varış Süre
22-Eyl-2020 UnknownAtka, AK civarındaElmendorf Afb () First seen 04:07 GMT 22:08 AKDT (-1) 2:01
22-Eyl-2020 UnknownNaval Air Facility Atsugi ()Kushiro, Hokkaidō civarında 09:01 JST Last seen 00:57 GMT 0:55
21-Eyl-2020 UnknownHachijōjima (Izu Islands), Tokyo civarındaNaval Air Facility Atsugi () First seen 10:52 GMT 20:40 JST 0:47
21-Eyl-2020 UnknownAndersen Afb ()Yap Island, civarında 14:28 ChST Last seen 05:13 GMT 0:44
21-Eyl-2020 UnknownSaipan Island, MP civarındaAndersen Afb () First seen 02:02 GMT Last seen 12:47 ChST 0:44
21-Eyl-2020 UnknownNaval Air Facility Atsugi ()Hachijōjima (Izu Islands), Tokyo civarında 08:20 JST Last seen 00:16 GMT 0:55
18-Eyl-2020 UnknownKadena Air Base ()Naval Air Facility Atsugi () 15:52 JST 18:02 JST 2:10
18-Eyl-2020 UnknownNagasaki ()Kadena Air Base () 13:38 JST 15:13 JST 1:35
18-Eyl-2020 UnknownNaval Air Facility Atsugi ()Nagasaki () 11:24 JST 12:58 JST 1:33
17-Eyl-2020 UnknownKadena Air Base ()Naval Air Facility Atsugi () 12:22 JST 14:33 JST 2:11
17-Eyl-2020 UnknownNaval Air Facility Atsugi ()Kadena Air Base () 08:17 JST 10:28 JST 2:10
16-Eyl-2020 UnknownKadena Air Base ()Naval Air Facility Atsugi () 13:14 JST 15:15 JST 2:01
16-Eyl-2020 UnknownNaval Air Facility Atsugi ()Kadena Air Base () 08:39 JST 10:46 JST 2:07
15-Eyl-2020 UnknownBandar Seri Begawan civarındaNaval Air Facility Atsugi () First seen 13:27 +08 20:19 JST 5:52
15-Eyl-2020 UnknownKadena Air Base ()Brunei Int'l () 09:00 JST 11:44 +08 3:43
14-Eyl-2020 UnknownIwakuni, Yamaguchi civarındaKadena Air Base () First seen 11:28 JST 13:01 JST 1:32
14-Eyl-2020 UnknownNaval Air Facility Atsugi ()Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni () 09:05 JST 10:25 JST 1:19
11-Eyl-2020 UnknownMarine Corps Air Station Iwakuni ()Naval Air Facility Atsugi () 16:23 JST 17:18 JST 0:55
11-Eyl-2020 UnknownKadena Air Base ()Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni () 13:31 JST 14:55 JST 1:24
11-Eyl-2020 UnknownNagasaki ()Kadena Air Base () 10:55 JST 12:08 JST 1:13
11-Eyl-2020 UnknownNaval Air Facility Atsugi ()Nagasaki () 08:49 JST 10:20 JST 1:31
09-Eyl-2020 UnknownHachijōjima (Izu Islands), Tokyo civarındaNaval Air Facility Atsugi () First seen 09:10 GMT 19:11 JST 1:01
09-Eyl-2020 UnknownAndersen Afb ()Saipan Island, MP civarında 16:49 ChST Last seen 07:29 GMT 0:39
09-Eyl-2020 UnknownTinian Island, MP civarındaAndersen Afb () First seen 04:29 GMT Last seen 15:14 ChST 0:44
09-Eyl-2020 UnknownNagasaki ()Amami, Kagoshima civarında 10:47 JST Last seen 02:33 GMT 0:45
09-Eyl-2020 UnknownNaval Air Facility Atsugi ()Nagasaki () 08:23 JST 09:50 JST 1:27
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