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Embraer 175 (N167SY)


A combination snow and ice storm had just ended and this Skywest Embraer arrival from SFO became the first aircraft to land on the plowed, but very slippery, runway 16R. In so doing, it provided me with this extremely rare photo angle. Most aircraft, after landing on the 11,002 foot long 16R, exit at some location midway down the runway. However, on this bleak early morning just moments after the storm had stopped, and because every taxiway was closed except at each end of runway 16R-34L, this flight had no choice after landing but to taxi all the way to the end of 16R in order to exit the runway and gain access to taxiway Alpha, which was the only open taxiway. And that meant it would be turning directly toward me as it came off 16R. The odds are very much against this opportunity ever occurring for me again. So despite the gray early morning light conditions, this one is a rather special capture for me.


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Cade Emtage
Good shot Gary! 5*****
Viv Pike
Gary, they say that fortune favours the brave. And luck follows those who persevere. You deserve the opportunity for these rare - and fantastic - snaps. Awesome picture !! FIVE *****
jim garrity
Very good shot, at a glance it looked like it was on a football field at a school!?
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Cade ... Hi, and Thank You very much. (Wave)
Viv ... It truly WAS a bunch of luck. On this morning, because of the steady wind coming out of the north, the approach runway was 34L. So I had located here, at 34L, to capture the morning departures and any first-of-the-day arrivals. But the precip ended and the pilots of this flight requested a wrong-direction approach to land FROM the north ... on 16R. And the tower granted the request because there was a long queue of aircraft lined up at November pad to be deiced, meaning there were no imminent departures. So when this Embraer landed, it had to come all the way down to exit ... and I was there awaiting all the departures. If you take a fast glimpse thru my folder, you'll discover that of the hundreds of pics, this is the first one where I'm at this end and catch a headon shot of any aircraft coming AT me. And another stroke of pure luck ... had it not been for the ice storm, the other taxiways located at midpoints along 16R would have been open so this one would have turned off at one of those. That's why I comment that I'll never get another pic of this type at this location again. I've been snapping here constantly since 1995 and this angle is a first for me -- it won't occur again.
Jim ... Now that you mention it, it does indeed. 34L-16R is 2000 feet longer than 34R-16L and the extra 2000 feet is found at this end. There is nothing but barren space and an underground creek behind 34R which is one reason why it does not extend as far back. The other reason is because there is a mountain very near the southeast approach to 34R so aircraft using 34R must stay a bit higher during their final approach. There are tech businesses and warehouses in those building in the far background.
C.W. Reed
Perfectly framed too! Hardly looks like RNO! Looks more like GRR,LAN or YIP! Thanks Gary! Cheers!!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Dean JK ... Yes, sir, it is.
Tom Vance
No chains?
N167SY için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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