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VAN'S RV-7 (N970WM)


I am aware that I already posted this photo earlier today. I reposted it intentionally so there would be a way for me to compare the first one (which was posted as it looked on the card) with this one (I decided to try my hand at editing a picture using PS). The only difference between the two is that I tried a bit of color editing on this one. I also wanted to see if the two versions look the same in the FA gallery as they do on my screen before I post them. I will be requesting the FA agent to delete one of these two pictures, but before I do I would appreciate any helpful feedback as to which of these two pictures is more "natural color accurate."
In order to view the two versions side-by-side, just click on my name and when my FA folder comes up, simply pull down to NEWEST. Both of the versions of this pic will appear next to each other which will enable the viewer to make an easy comparison of both. Then just offer an honest opinion as to which one is, in your opinion, the more "color accurate" photo. Thanks in advance to all. (Wave)


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Chris Partin
I like this one better
Greg Byington
I think this one is a little better. ;-)
Viv Pike
I prefer the other. This one has just a touch too much "blue halo" along the top of the Airbus' fuselage ... and the colors of the 737 in the background jump out too much. But that is just my opinion. Nice capture, tho. Whichever you decide to keep, it'll make a great addition to your folder.
Gary... this one (edited) compared to the original (unedited) image is reminiscent of differences between shooting with Ektachrome vs. Kodachrome. The color temp in this image appears "cooler" than the original, which exhibits "warmer" color tones. I hesitate to say one is "better" than the other. It is simply a matter of your personal preference.
Peter West
Gary - this is a great image but picking it up twice with a long winded explanation about color and temperature is indulgent and bordering on the ridiculous, and no, my remarks are not offensive just spot-on; your'e clearly confused when it comes to the laws of diminishing returns and it's ultimately the image that counts. Any neutral might think you were trying to be cute to lift the same great image twice to get max exposure, but who would dare think that ... but its a great image.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Chris, Greg, Viv, Cliff, and Peter ... Howdy and TYVM for your inputs. Peter .. I'm not offended by your remarks. After all, I asked for viewers to give their opinions. Please don't be offended if I tell you that your conclusions as to my overall motive are interesting but incorrect. I suppose if there were some major financial benefit to be gained by my getting max exposure for this pic then your reasoning might be valid, and perhaps you do believe that 140ish views in 24 hours is an instance of a pic getting max exposure, but trust me, it isn't, and there is no financial benefit to be gained by getting 140ish views on FA. Just about every decent pic that gets posted gets around 100++ views within a day or so. No, I actually am seeking to learn and the best way to learn is by asking. There are several dozen regular photogs who contribute to FA whose photo skills I greatly admire, but I have no way of asking them for their inputs regarding my pics except via this gallery. If I obtain inputs similar to that given me by Viv and Cliff, I may learn something that will help make me a better photog and a better editor of the pics I take. And how best for me to become better? By asking those who are already better than me to look at my pics and offer their opinions. Anyway, thank you for your input. I can see your possible reasoning and it makes complete sense. (Wave)
It looks great Gary! Since all personal computers are generally adjusted by their owner (or not) your posted photos are probably going to be judged by personal taste with yours the deciding vote.
Peter West
Gary - I'm glad you accepted my comments in good spirit. best Peter
C.W. Reed
Lot's of great detail in this one! Right down to the ramp workers in the background! The brown of UPS and the orange/red/blue of WN really stands out! Thanks Gary!Cheers!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Chris, Greg, Viv, Cliff, Peter, Leland, and C.W. >>> Again, I want to Thank each of you for your comments and inputs. Cliff .... I had virtually no knowledge of the "cooler" vs. "warmer' concept, so I looked it up and even checked out a book from the library. Hopefully, I'll have a better understanding of the concept soon. Thank you, my friend. Viv >>> I certainly see what you mean, and now that I see it, I agree. Leland >>> Hey, old buddy, how ya been? (wave) Never occurred to me about the color adjustment (or lack thereof) on individual computer screens. The colors on one screen can vary significantly from those on another screen. My only confusion is that when I view photos posted by you, Mike P, rwb, Scot W., John M., Ken, and many others, the colors of those pics look 100% natural to me. And when I am about to post one of my pics, it also looks 100% natural (ie: snow is white, military metal is gray, etc.), but then, when I view the pic I just posted to FA there sometimes seem to be a tint to it that wasn't there when I was preparing to post it. And I never see such similar "tints" on John or Mike's or Scot's pics. So if it is MY screen that was misadjusted, wouldn't all pics look tinted when I view them? And if it isn't my screen, then what can it be? But you have given me a valid possibility that will be useful to me in the future. Thanks, Leland. C.W. indeed, they do stand out. I've heard the term "Pop" applied to color that stands out so intensely. I like it, but ..... I always strive to have pics that show the scene exactly as my camera saw it. I don't believe in over enhancing colors, creating fake water reflections, and all that other stuff that makes a pic into a phoney photo. In my other photo, that is what my camera actually saw. In this photo, I took a stab at editing the pic by altering the true photo using some unfamiliar adjustment tools on PS. I probably did not do a very good job of it - the only PS edit features I normally use are horizontal leveling, cropping, spot heal, brightness adjust, and size reduction (so I can meet FA photo size limitations). The pic here looks OK, but I know it is not a true depiction of the scene as it was. So I'm going to ask FA to delete this one and leave the original one. Thank you, C.W., for your comment and for your friendship and support. And again, Thanks also to you, Chris, Cliff, Viv, Greg and Peter, for your comments and willingness to offer your opinions that will aid me in (hopefully) becoming a better photog. Very much appreciated.
Gary... You are very welcome... and I have replied to your commentary in a separate e-mail... :-)
Gary... "As You Were!!!".

Please do not request that FA staff/admins should delete this photo. It opens up a very valid set of considerations and an informative photographic conversation!
C.W. Reed
Very very welcome Gary. Looks like I can learn from you when I start snapping pics again. Still have to dig up my older "snapshots" to upload. Cheers!
Little and Large.
Great picture. I love the contrast between big and small aircraft. Detail is excellent.
N970WM için 1998 yılına kadar geri giden tam geçmiş araması ister misiniz? Hemen satın al. Bir saat içinde gelsin.
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13-Eki-2019 UnknownReno/Tahoe Intl ()Reno/Tahoe Intl () 09:47 PDT 10:44 PDT 0:56
11-Eki-2019 UnknownMinden-Tahoe ()Reno/Tahoe Intl () 10:46 PDT 11:16 PDT 0:29
11-Eki-2019 UnknownReno/Tahoe Intl ()Minden-Tahoe () 09:11 PDT 09:27 PDT 0:16
06-Eki-2019 UnknownTracy, CA civarındaReno/Tahoe Intl () 09:53 PDT 10:53 PDT 1:00
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