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McDonnell Douglas DC-8-70 (N805SJ)
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McDonnell Douglas DC-8-70 (N805SJ)



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William O
Great shot. I would love to see one of those aircraft !
Paul Wisgerhof
DC-8-73F with new CFM engines.
Harry Ellett
It is a beautiful aircraft. This one for hauling cargo but back in 1968 my wife and I flew on a "stretch" DC-8 from Tokyo to Anchorage to Travis AFB CA in one of these. The highest flight I have ever been on. If memory serves me right, that leg from Tokyo to Anchorage was at 45,000 feet. Really liked that aircraft.
Jim Quinn
If I recall properly I went from Travis to Yokota to Clark in Nov. '68 on a Trans-International Airways "Stretch-8" and returned Clark-Anchorage-Travis via the same airline and aircraft in Nov. '70. I don't know why, but in those days TIA was nick-named "Try it Again" airlines. Such a very sleek aircraft! They were certainly easy to recognize from below.
Mark Ryalls
I flew on a stretch 8 from Travis Air Force Base to Honolulu in 1971. Trans International Airline. Chartered military flight. Great plane.
Chris Croft
Jim Quinn, thanks for the memories. I flew on "Try It Again" airlines out of Clark AFB on my EOS orders in '75. though on a different route, Clark to Guam, then Wake Island to Travis. The only thing that made the flight tolerable was the very friendly stewardesses. Cheers!
Please post your photo to "Fly Team".
Rather fly dc-planes than Boeing
Brian Mesko
Great shot of a beautiful aircraft. Rode one of those from Langley AFB to Taiwan back in '72, although it wasn't retrofilled with those new engines.
Patrick McCoy
My first big jet! 150+'long. Handful of fun to aviate. Great in turbulence.
Alan Young
And designed with slide rules. . . not a computer in sight.
Mark Otterby
Such a sleek and historic airliner and looks like it could have just come off the assembly line. I'm fortunate to have flown one of the "long ones" in the 80's. I still remember boarding the plane and looking down the isle and the isle seemed to go on forever! It didn't have these huge engines but the were bigger than the originals. Was that the 61 or 63 series United had flying in and out of Stapleton?
Eric Strodthoff
Love this shot and this airplane.
Flew the DC8 Series 40,53,61,62,and 63 I was 23 years flying the Atlantic with Air Jamaica what a thrill and what an amazing airplane. So sorry I didn’t fly the retro fitted with the CFM engines.
Larry Horton
You know DC-8 is really a much better looking plane. Lines are smoother. Wonder what it looked like in the wind tunnel?
I remember regularly seeing those back in the 60s. Never got to fly it, though. Did fly the 707 several times.
Eugene Aaron
The DC-8 is a very strong air craft. I left from Vietnam on one in September 1969. Worst turbulence I ever experienced in my life; I am sure all thought we would not make the end of that flght, but she did. The flight went on to Japan then to Fairbanks, Alaska and lastly to Travis AFB, California.
In November 1982 I few on a DC-8, United from Denver to Philadelphia, 43,000, so they are able to fly high. EUGENE
Vinny Barbin
Unfortunate that ultimately the DC-8's were as successful as the 707's. The 8's in my opinion were a much better looking craft.
serge LOTH
The DC8 was a very nice looking aircraft and good to fly.. CFM engines came later on..
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