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09-0016 — - Air Force One on short final for 20R at John Wayne
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09-0016 —


Air Force One on short final for 20R at John Wayne


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ken kemper

Nice Capture
Uwe Steffen
This is not Air Force One but Air Force Two, a Boeing C-32A or Boeing 757-2G4, it's the First Lady's aircraft
Loyd Enochs
@Uwe, the call sign "Air Force One" or "Air Force Two" depends on the passenger, no the aircraft type, and Air Force Two would indicate the Vice President, not a family member. This also applies to aircraft operated by the Marine Corps, Navy and Army. How this name came about goes back in history to (I believe) the Eisenhower administration.
Matt Lacey
AF1 is often a 757 when the President flies into an airport with no runway that can handle a 747.
Leander Williams
The President would not land at John Wayne. He would land at either Long Beach or LAX and take a helo to wherever he needed to go if as far south as Santa Ana or Irvine. Does anyone remember the last time Donald Trump flew on the smaller jets? He doesn't do second fiddle. He's got to get the most bang for OUR bucks.
Rob Lamb
This was definitely AF-1. The president WAS on this plane. It did land at John Wayne. On a number of these recent trips, where he's going into smaller airports they have used smaller planes, rather than the 747's, as the smaller ports cannot accommodate that large of a plane.
Michael Stoffel
Leander, On September 18th the President had an airport rally in Bemidji Minnesota. He flew there in the 757 and landed at the Bemidji airport. The runway at Bemidji is unable to handle the larger 747 so he flew out in the smaller 757. He has also flown the smaller 757 to other small airports in other states. I was surprised to see him land in the 757 but it makes sense. The runway at the location will determine which aircraft he will take. Most small airports do not have the runway length or thickness to handle a large 747.
Patrick Spencer
I was at SFO a number of years ago and took a picture of AF1 landing. Well a United 747 was sitting on the ramp waiting for clearance to the runway to leave. I took the picture and in the picture was the United 747 and AF1. Some authority said my picture was photo shopped and that plane wasn't there. These are the same people that believe if it's on the internet it's true. Get a clue we were there. Still irated years later. Patrick
David Ingram
AF alone has multiple C-32s [757} (3-6 depending on who's counting) like this with even Nancy having access as a E-W shuttle. They are mission assigned and not to specific people. Just don't get caught using the VC-25s without permission. AF-1 callsign even if he's using a Gulfstream (11) or a Lear.
marylou anderson
Nice pic of the smaller bird
The President was aboard?
George General
I learned the hard way that the passenger determines the call sign. Years ago, President George H. W. Bush flew in to Hanscom AFB, MA in a C-9 (DC-9) instead of the big bird. I figured since it wasn't AF-1 I could take pictures. the Secret Service, not so kindly, asked me to kiss the pavement and took the film from my camera. I'm convinced the only reason they weren't rougher, was that my neighbor, a security policeman, was with them.
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