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Douglas DC-3 (N877MG)
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Douglas DC-3 (N877MG)



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a mentor
Unless you are a DC-3 "Nut" as are some of us, you may not know that all C-47's had an astrodome, which is a transparent (Plexiglas) dome intended primarily to permit taking celestial observations for navigation. (Also known as an astral dome or navigation dome).

The significant part of the pic is PAN AM
Juan Terry Trippe was an American commercial aviation pioneer, entrepreneur and the founder of Pan American World Airways, one of the iconic airlines of the 20th century.
Mark Harris
I thought the C-47 was the freighter variant, with the large cargo door aft on the port side? If this is a DC-3 then it's the passenger-carrying variant surely?
Paul Wisgerhof
At least as late as 1939 Pan Am flew the DC-3 from Miami to Buenos Aires. That makes non-stop from Perth, Australia, to London seem pleasant.
a mentor
Not all C-47's or R4D's saw ONLY cargo service. While ALL -47's had an astrodome, none of the DC-3's did. Long distance routes highly favored airframes with the astrodome feature.

This airframe served as the basis of several other types and is easily misconstrued.
lonewolf2121Photo Uploader
Huh the more you know. Makes a lot of sense considering the nav tools available at the time.
gwapo santa
I remember these as kid RAF called them Hastings. Saw yh at RAF Negombo Ceylon 1960.
Peter Sayers
Sorry Gwapo, What you remember is a Handly Page Hastings, 4 engine transport and passenger aircraft . the only thing in common, with the DC 3 is it was a trail dragger. The hasting also had attachments under the noose that could carry a jeep. the Nose wheel version was a Hermes.
Colin Seftel
@gwapo The RAF named the C-47 "Dakota".
Al Miller
About a million years ago (mid '70s) I was lucky enough to tag along on a North Central DC3 (N21728) on a flight from MSP to Oshkosh for the show. The ship had been converted to their "executive" airplane and even had about a 5" television opposite the couch in the cabin! We ended up as one of the exhibits.
Shortly after she was donated to the Henry Ford Museum as one of the highest hour airplanes still flying. Based on mergers and acquisitions I believe she is currently painted in Northwest Colors.
Pierre Hamel
J'ai voyagé déjà dans cet avion DC-3 les ailes immenses très sécuritaire
George Hall
The US Navy also named their C-47's Dakota. I have a 1/48 scale hand made mahogany model that proves it.
"Not all C-47's or R4D's saw ONLY cargo service. While ALL -47's had an astrodome, none of the DC-3's did." I flew a commercial DC-3 from STT to SJU and it had an astrodome (probably in the early to mid-1980's). We flew through a rail cloud and water dripped from the ceiling into the cabin and ran down the aisle. Does that mean that it was formerly a C-47? I expected to see Humphry Bogart come out from the cockpit; I imagined myself in a 1940's movie; very nostalgic.
John Shearer
This appears to be a C-47 with the astrodome and then converted to DC-3 after the war. This one had P&W engines while earlier pre-war version with AAL had Wright engines and door on starboard side.
a mentor
the changes introduced to create the C-47 include:
"The C-47 differed from the civilian DC-3 in numerous modifications, including being fitted with a cargo door, hoist attachment, and strengthened floor, along with a shortened tail cone for glider-towing shackles, and an astrodome in the cabin roof.[3][4]"

Personally I would doubt any C-47 downgrade except restoring the original port side door.
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