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CURTISS Commando (N1837M)



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Jeroen StroesPhoto Uploader
departure september 12, 2018 from Kenai Alaska,
enjoy also the sound of the engines during warming up.. the engine run https://youtu.be/K628DJiML4E
serge LOTH
These engines are music!!! 5*
Paul Hughes
My father was a Hump pilot, 3rd Combat Cargo Group flying out of Impal and Ledo, India, and eventually Myitkyina, Burma, after it was recaptured. He flew C-47s for drop supply missions supporting the British 36th Division in the jungle, and when his unit started flying the Hump, they switched out to 46s. He spoke highly of the plane, which he flew 60 round trips to China. If I'm not mistaken, it has hydraulic assisted controls which required a lot less effort than the 47. Here's a good book on the mission: Hump: America's Strategy for Keeping China in World War II (Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series) Plating, John D.
Fun fact: the path from India to China over the Hump was known as "The Aluminum Trail".
marylou anderson
Thanks for the sound effects does sound great.
marylou anderson
Hey my dad would have been a passenger going over the Hump--he talks about it sometimes..Assigned to the India/Burma/China group 1943-1945
He was with Gen Joe (Vinegar Joe) Stillwell.
Lucius Gravely
Jeff Ethell put together a great book on flying the Hump. Look it up. Jeff died in a P-38 in 1999. Ironically it was painted like his father's P-38, who achieved ace status while flying in N. Africa.
The C-46 had 2800's and could carry a great load.
Dan Kolar
My flying instructor, the late Dick Cooke, flew this type of bird in North Africa. He gave me his 60 years of aviation memorabilia, including old instruments, manuals for several military planes including the Curtiss Commando. I donated about 90% of what he gave to me, (12 packing boxes worth) to the Commemorative Air Force in Midland, TX. I still have some material I am using to include in his book. His book is in the final stages of editing. Potential title is "From Barnstorming to Bombers. It is actually his life history in aviation from the 1930's into the 1990's and up to his passing just a few years ago I believe I still have his approach plates to Berlin. My current dilemma is e-book or paper? I am leaning towards an e-book even though the old vets who would appreciate his story are probably not computer literate enough to obtain a copy. But, I think the younger generation of pilots would be thrilled to read about his adventures and misadventures. The CAF has ALL of his log books from beginning to end. The book is very close to being finished. I just need some photo permissions from various sources.
A very nice shot of a rare aircraft. all aircraft have a different sound, and this one is no exception.
mike prendergast
Love It!
John Giambone
Great shot of a great aircraft Jeroen. Thanks for sharing this!
Francisco Pereña
Hacia mucho tiempo que no veía una foto de este aparato. Recuerdos del pasado
ken kemper
Spectacular Capture Jeroen............
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19-Şub-2021 UnknownKenai Muni ()Wilder Runway Llc () 09:22 AKST 10:10 AKST 0:47
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