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Airframe Parachute Saves Pilot

Several reports over this week have stated that a lawyer installed an airframe parachute in his Cessna 182 just 2 days before this accident over Holly Springs, MS. This story and video includes an interview with the pilot. ( Daha Fazlası...

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madtrader 0
Apparently it was a BRS parachute:
Another genius pilot .. fuel valve was off? .. ever heard of a checklist??
Toby Sharp 0
bet that will never happen to him again
Turbo182 0
moron wouldn't have needed the parachute if he utilized a new invention-called a checklist. Idiots like this make ga look unsafe-then again, he's a lawyer-them and doctors are the smartest ppl.
Hey Alex, I guess you have been a CFI? .. IN all my years on this planet, the most challenging thing I have done was trying to teach a doctor to fly an airplane .. too shay

Turbo182 0
yea, capt. been a cfi for a while. doctors and older successful guys toughest to teach. think they know everything. they shldn't be allowed to fly cirrus or bonanza's.
dmanuel 0
Because he forgot a key piece of information and failed to catch it because he did not follow proper(checklist) procedures, may make his clients wonder how good of a lawyer he is.
DNeeko 0
Smooth. right after runup and the checklist is completed.. I say out loud and touch the hot-spot items..just as a double check.
FUEL (pumps on/ proper tank). FLAPS (set). TRIM (t/o). TRAFFIC (scan). SEATBELTS. I agree with Alex... GA gets a really bad rep from a lot of these little incidents... accidents do happen... but come on man..
Jeff Lawson 0
With the fuel valve shut off, I wouldn't have expected the engine to have enough left in it to do the taxi, run-up, and takeoff to a high enough altitude for the parachute to even be effective.
Turbo182 0
cigars-c-controls free and clear, i-instruments-g-gas-fuel selector valve on both-a-altimeter-r-radios-s-seatbelts. There's ur checklist. lawyers-he'll prob sue the mechanic for not putting the fs valve on both for him
Quite a testment ot his thorough preparation. Wonder if his case presentation is so slipshod.
Too bad this happens too often ... Turbo 182 is right .. as a lawyer, he is preping a suit against someone.. glad I never finished law school ...
You guys are right ... wonder if he is a good defense attn't?
John Speranza 0
Key part of the story: "Prominent attorney John Farese has crashed an airplane before..."
john rytkonen 0
In the recovery business.... we have a saying when we can't explain some event....... "but for the Grace of GOD, there go I"


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