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Delta Plane Lands Safely After Bird Strike and Engine Failure Over New York

A Delta Air Lines Airbus A319 suffered an engine failure after hitting a bird over New York late Thursday morning. The flight made an emergency landing 20 minutes later without incident. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Jeff Lawson 0
Flight history for the diverted DAL1380 flight:
Nick Marconi 0
Only 20 on a plane that can carry 126... That flight need to be significantly downgraded at least to a CRJ even a CRJ200!
Jeff Lawson 0
Hey hey, it was 27 passengers not 20 :)
Toby Sharp 0
well they saved on fuel not spent didn't they!
preacher1 0
What is really intersting besides the low PAX count, is the fact that it took off from LaGuardia, just like the US Airways Flight 1549, and they are building the new garbage transfer station adjacent to the Airport, BUT IT IS MODERN AND CLOSED IN AND WON'T ATTRACT BIRDS.
Yea, right
I agree with Mr.Wayne, La Guardia is definitely a problem with birds, but the problem is NY is so populated and everyone cares about the stink of a garbage dump except for birds and airports. So they need to do something and fast, and it doesn't entail expanding it.
Mike Barbato 0
a local resident, was working in his backyard when he heard what he described as a “loud bang.” “My wife thought it was an afterburner,” he said via Twitter.

Holy damn people are dumb. lol
preacher1 0
Mike: what do you expect when it makes National Headlines when Michelle's plane has to make a simple go around. Everybody did their jobs as they were supposed to but the non flying public thinks we live in a perfect world. As Richard said earlier, well trained crews, stuff happens, they landed the plane. Sully put his in the Hudson. This captain was able to make JFK just fine. What's the problem?
M T 0
@Wayne, the difference between the Delta flight and US Airways Flight 1549 is that the Delta flight only lost ONE engine, enabling it to continue flying, not BOTH like Flight 1549. Capt Sully's aircraft was effectively turned into a glider amongst all of the buildings in NYC. Had the Delta pilot lost both engines like Capt Sully, the result may have been the same......or worse...
chalet 0
Didn't you understand that she was referring to the afterburner of her oven (LOL)
richard weiss 0
This is what well trained crews do. They Fly the airplane, they assess the situation, then take appropriate action. Seems to work, and doesn't require a huge news breaking response.
preacher1 0
Amen, Richard
Troy Raiteri 0
I had 1549 flashbacks reading this. Glad all the PAX and pilots made it :)
Donny Malinoff 0
Airbus loves them NY birds.
Marcus Pradel 0
is there a way we can blame Airbus for repeatedly ingesting birds?
chalet 0
@ Markus Pradel, indeed Airbus can be sued over the grounds that you mention which is further aggravated because the hunting season is not opened yet LOL


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