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WestJet introduces child-free cabins

Notice the date on the article... ( Daha Fazlası...

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Boyd Hopkins 2
Oh. If only.
luv4tn 2
Once I had a flight from JFK to STR and for the whole flight there was one kid crying. I don't blame a scared kid, but in that case on the "parents" that didn't even care. Tensions in the cabin were rising and if the flight would taken one hour longer some passengers might have done something they later would have regreted. Especially on long haul flights it is an idea that should be considered.
crk112 2
Ugh too bad this was an April Fools... I would have flown exclusively on WestJet for the rest of time lol
Tuan Tran 2
Comm'on, guys! this was an April Fool joke from the airlines !
jozef mols 2
If this would not be april 1st, it would be a great idea. In the past I travelled many times from London to Bahrain on a Qantas night flight, full of screaming children (continuing to Australia). If this idea would have existed at that time, my flights would have been a lot easier, certainly if I would have travelled on April 1st.
mboette 2
I'd pay $50 more, each way, for a kid free flight.
I fly myself for 3k more, just to be free from kids who have a baby sitter insead of parents. My 3 kids never acted a fool nor like an animal in a zoo. Instead they showed respect to others around them.
Gary Robert 1
Hey, April Fool's or not, we were all kids once. And don't tell me how your parents would have beaten you within an inch of your life if you misbehaved. Your childhood memories might not coincide with reality.
Daniel Capano 1
My child was always well-behaved on our flights. I have no problem with the kids, it's the lazy ass parents who should be put in cargo. I would gladly pay extra for child-free flights, simply for the peace and quiet. Too bad this wasn't serious - it could have started a trend if just one airline had the brass to do this.
Wot a great flight it would kids...ahhhhhhhh
Joseph Leier 1
I love flying west jet. They use humor in their announcements as well. Check out their last years prank as well.
fine hope just the begin
toolguy105 1
Don't show this to RyanAuor they might just implement this for the right fare.
jesse murga 1
AccessAir 1
Actually enforcing dress codes on airlines would be nice....
At6reo 0
I totally agree with you. I'm tired of seeing people flying in flip flops,pj's,dirty stinky tee shirts.
They should seriously continue for this...
tim mitchell 1
sure it's a if anyone hates kids that bad they can always A)charter a flight or B)learn to
Its not that we hate kids but there should be a cabin for ages 13 plus because kids can be a pain in the you know where in a enclosed tube at 35000ft. Its not like you can just get out of restaurant and leave, its like a sentence
alistairm 2
Agreed. If you don't like public transportation, then get off and go private.
wx1996 1
This is a joke - watch the video, link in the article.

Good Video!
Phil Brailey 1
You get kicked in the back. You put up with lots of yelling and screaming. As usual, the parents(ferels) couldn't care less. Children under 13 should be banned. So should alcohol and fat people.
Steve Carter 3
Yes and also passengers who constantly whine about other people!
Joseph Girone 0
It may be a joke, but I think it's a great idea! LOL
stol701 0
Good. Now if they can manage to keep out the rest of the Hoi-Polloi airline travel can be enjoyable again.
Arthur Baumanns -2
I wish they did this in restaurants. I have told management but they won't do it. I raised my kids to behave in public and when my wife and I go out for what we hope is a nice quiet dinner, so often we get screaming kids placed next to us which ruins the dinner. This separation of kids in one section of a plane should have been done decades ago.
alistairm 3
It was an April fools joke.
alistairm 2
I suggest you stop taking your wife to McDonalds then, lol.
JetMech24 2
Nice quiet dinners are for home, not public.


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