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Allegiant Air to Add a319′s to its Fleet

Las Vegas based Allegiant Air has officially announced that it will be adding Airbus a319 aircraft to its fleet ( Daha Fazlası...

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tbpera 5
156 seats.... sardines anyone?

[This poster has been suspended.]

William Bannan 2
troll elsewhere please
Conor Ball 4
This is actually great to see airlines adding more then one type of aircraft to their fleet, I rather like Allegiant and with more 757s coming plus these A319s that will be great,btw does this mean the will add more destinations or just switching out the MD-80's with Airbus?
Terry Isom 4
The MD-80's need to be replaced. So does our B-52's & B-1's. I like the idea that Allegiant provides junkets from smaller feeders so everyone can enjoy the 'no-frills' and world class entertainment at the major destinations. Probably the best stimulant to the US economy. Go Allegiant!
matt jensen 2
They'll never replace the 52's. But I'm happy to see them dumping the 80's for the 19's. Airbus builds great small haul craft
EliteAirInc 0
Long live the -80!!
Nick Marconi 4
I'd like to see Allegiant re-start service to Worcester, MA and fly to Myrtle Beach, Orlanso, and Tampa from ORH. This A319 is a game changer because it is more fuel efficient. Allegiant left ORH because of high fuel prices, maybe this plane will bring them back.
Paul Smith 3
Hey, it works for Allegiant and they make tons of money flying, don't hate, appreciate... haha

Will they never learn.? Mixing cost $$$$$$$$$$
Paul Smith 1
Not necessarily. Allegiant already has weighed out the costs of this and since these A319's are extremely cheap to purchase and operate in the fashion that Allegiant uses its aircraft they will make a fortune and at the same time spend a low amount of money on maintenance and fuel..
What's next, the B747 Classic for long haul flights?
dave naftz 3
dont give them any ideas.
linbb 1
Hey they have many down in the bone yard just up there alley to use old jets.
Julian Medina 4
Yeah they may try to scrap up a Northwest 747-100 from somewhere. Haha. If there are any L1011's hanging around anymore they may try to use those as well.
matt jensen 2
There's nothing wrong with the 1011's exc they're old
Maybe the DC-10s would be an option
Julian Medina 1
Haha. I think FedEx still flies the DC-10s. Maybe Allegiant will buy those and convert it from cargo to a pax aircraft.
matt jensen 1
Nope they fly MD-11's - see N524FE
Ev Butler 2
IMO, they should have picked up some of the Airtran 717s. Good economy, 100 seats, etc. Allegiant is a decent carrier but as stated, they should have all aircraft of one kind. The Mad Dogs are getting old and use a lot more fuel. I am not an Airbus fan. Since Boeing quit making the 717s and they are on the block, DAL won't use them all, so here is a chance to make a uniform fleet.
panam1971 2
Two overwing exits per side? Seems strange for an A319...
jwm707 2
Yep, 2... check out this pic of a Cebu Air A319 (of which Allegiant will be buying 10):
William Bannan 1
That is because they will have 156 seats, so a second overwing exit is required, along with a 4th f/a
jkarides96 1
Yeah, I was surprised too. Turns out there's quite a few of them out there. Air France flies them as well:
Ev Butler 2
Hey Julian, don't kick the L-1011. I rather liked it. It is a shame that they took them out of the line-up. IMO, they were great crates, still being used by foreign charter companies.
Julian Medina 3
No offense to the L-1011. It just seems like Allegiant really likes their older jets because they figure it's financially beneficial to take on older jets rather than pay a lot for newer jets. The fuel efficiency just doesn't pay off the cost of a new jet. But hey, it works for them.
Oops my apologies to 4G.. I stand corrected... Just like the old United 727's with the alternate emergency exit on the right side of the fuselage; I didn't believe it and cost my $5.00 in a lost bet.
SootBox 0
Airbutt rides again!
airborneryder -2
If it ain't Boeing, I ain't going!
tim mitchell 2
even during an emergency situation?????????
Andy Tyler 0
oh yay another max density plane with no legroom
Paul Schiesser 0
great the one of the world's cheapest airlines gets new planes. Why does anyone fly Allegiant or Sprit? It seems they have an open hostility policy to customers with their fee schedules.
matt jensen 1
Remember Laker Airways and Peoples Express?
AccessAir -9
Oh good grief, I knew it wouldnt be long before they decided to tarnish their fleet with Crapbus!!!!!
AccessAir -6
Sorry some of you dont agree, but the ONLY Airbus thats worthy of anything is the original A300-B4 and maybe the A310.......Everything else is horrible....
matt jensen 1
Should be plenty of them available for lease
forrest alvarez -1
The picture on their web sit shows " TWO" over wing exits? I have never seen this on a 319; and I work them every day. 4G...Do your homework before you go over seas ..... Boeing is still the best...


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