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Superjet Launch Customer Armavia Returns Unreliable Plane to Sukhoi

Armavia has decided to return its Sukhoi Superjet 100 due to reliability problems and says it will buy a western plane instead. ( More...

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tim mitchell 2
They decided to buy a western aircraft; really??? This plane was a joint joint venture with Boeing..They said they didn't want a plane that required any repairs during the first year; really????Pretty much every plane coming off the production line needs repairs to fix the "bugs" in it.
Andy Tyler 1
except that russian/soviet built aircraft have had far more numerous recorded problems than their western counterparts.
J.D. Klingman 1
The Sukoi Superjet was NOT a joint venture with Boeing. Boeing's role was to serve as an advisor to Sukhoi and its program partners in the areas of program management, engineering, marketing, product development, certification, supplier management, customer support, flight and maintenance crew training, spare parts management and supply, and guidance on production of flight and maintenance manuals that meet international standards Source:
tim mitchell 1
Ok I'll give you that but that seems like a lot of NONE involvement to me
preacher1 1
I'm going to do some armchairing here, based soley on what I've read. It is obvious that there are some financial problems at Armavia causing that little tiff and before it's all said and done, I think that they will find pilot error on the crash in Indonesia. That said, unless there is something on the CVR, I'm willing to bet the pilot there was pressured to drop lower for pax sightseeing or something similar. IMHO
agg1930 1
As I understand it Boeing is acting as a consultant, very different from a "joint venture" partner.
As far as the accident in Indonesia, lets wait for the completion of the investigation. Do not take the usual way out of blaming it on "pilot error" OK?
preacher1 1
Well, like I said, I figure there are some financial problems at Armavia, because you don't hear Aeroflot hollering. As far as Indonesia, I figure that is where it will fall; hopefully there will be something on the CVR telling a different tale. I don't think it was pilot error per se, but if I remember reading the report right, the crash was around 6000' in amongst known moutains of 10,000'or better. Any pilot would be able to see that and avoid it unless ther was a mechanical took him down or he was pressured and that is why I think there was some pressure put on them, ala the polish plane last year. Regardless of the cause, they'll still wind up with the blame, right or wrong. Somebody said the Russians made off with both boxes quickly so we may never know and the best that the Indonesian investigators will be able to do is make an educated guess.


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