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2 Planes collide mid-air and get stuck (Video)

3 aircraft were involved in this accident. 2 husky taildraggers were towing banners for 2 political parties (SP and CDA) over Amsterdam and along the coast. A Cessna 172 was flying in formation with the SP Husky in order to film and photograph it, paying no attention to the CDA Husky. The main gear of the Cessna 172 hit the left wing of the CDA Husky and got stuck. After about 10 seconds they managed to separate. The CDA Husky landed on the beach with a damaged left wing (2 large holes and… ( Daha Fazlası...

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Boatinman 8
Read that too quickly.Thought it said "2 planes collide mid-air and get struck by lightning." Man when it rains it pours lol
aggieflyer 8
A do it yourself biplane!
Joseph Howes 4
i dont know which one is which but it looks like the plane on the right mis-judged how far away the left plane was and pulled up
Tomasz Fiszer 4
I disagree, the plane on the right was below and in front, and had no vision on plane to the left-back, which in turn could see it quite well. The plane coming from behind was at fault here. He should never have closed up on the one in front so fast and close. Just my few cents.
lenanolan 4
I have to agree with you. From the video, there's no way the high wing plane out front could have seen the plane coming up on it's left while the idiot flying the top could clearly see and should have avoided this. It's a wonder that somebody didn't end up fish bait. I would never fly with this guy.
jzimmerman71 4
So which pilot received a violation for not having a multi-engine ticket? But seriously, glad they walked away.
zennermd 7
I would definitely be changing my pants after that one.
tim mitchell 3
why would you ever try to over take another plane being that close and almost directly over top of it????....looks like the cessna went down into the huskey
Was this done on purpose, because the film crew didn't like CDA?
James Corkern 1
Someone in those planes is living right with an angle on their shoulder.
linbb 1
Not much just what got hit either way it could have gone bad. Looks like the Husky pulled up into the Cessna judging from the horizon it never changed in the Cessna.
Marjolijn Post 1
For what it's worth, the other towing aircraft was a Piper Cub.
Bernie20910 1
Anyone have a different link? This one is not loading for me.
Marjolijn Post 1
In the second video you can even see the pilot of the Piper Cub pointing towards the Husky.
Bernie20910 1
Thanks. For some reason isn't loading for me today.
Mark Lansdell 1
I'll bet he uses a different lens and stays away next time
lenanolan 1
Somebody definately has some explaining to do.
Dee Lowry 1
"Stupid" doesn't fix "Stupid"! Unbeleivable!
Victor Engel 1
So the wings didn't get stuck together. The landing gear of one got stuck to the wing of the other. Little bit different scenario.
Kawaiipoint2 1
Regardless- It was scary looking.
john dijkstra 0
Check this !!!!!!

Pilot sounds really proud ,no consideration with the other pilot, girl must have been busy with the pilot(blow job orso)

pilot should never fly again , sorry respect at all!
Bill Wardle -4
Dick head!


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