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Comair's last flight today- company closes tomorrow.

Comair's last flight before shutting down is leaving at 2pm Cincy-Houston. Sad to see this close - was once Regional Airline of the Year. Helped usher in the regional jet explosion in the 90s and was a dominant player at CVG, employed 7000 people. A long time ago I worked Blue Team Ramp Operations and we had Brasilias, Saab 340s and Canadair Regional Jets - an exciting time. There was the disastrous Christmas scheduling snafu of 2004, and a pilots' strike. Execs says company never… ( Daha Fazlası...

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Fond memories of the Comair Concourse at CVG...and the bus rides out to it!
john harp 1
Business and personal flights took me through the concourse over one hundred times.
Randy McClure 3
Amazing how Delta could turn a $2.3 Billion, yes with a B Billion dollar investment into nothing in such a short time. The demise of Comair is a testament to Delta management.
preacher1 2
Well, somebody ticked somebody off and as DAL was the big dog, I think they took it down just to show that they could, whether it made any sense or not. I remember that bus ride too and sometimes not even having to make it, when I had ComAir on both legs. CVG ran like a well oiled machine and so did all the outlying stations. It beat the heck out of anything that is out there now. The people actually enjoyed their jobs, management treated them decent, and it showed.
Randy McClure 1
I worked for them for a while in Flint. Great company and people!
Luke Hogan 1
It's definitely a shame that they had to close the CVG hub, I remember going out of the country for the first time 5 years ago, CVG-LGW. It was the only international flight I ever took that wasn't delayed. Living in Columbus, I remember the 30 min. roller coaster ride from CMH-CVG on the CRJ-200, good times. I think we were one of the last flights to arrive in concourse C. I still can't believe that they shut down the CVG hub instead of shutting down Memphis, because the facilities at CVG are a bit better in my opinion.
pilot23 2
We had a great company. :(. I worked CMI but trained people across the network. Concourse C connections were a cakewalk and B wasn't bad. Hanging on to my coffee mug.
joe johnson 2
They were partial to malcontents. Guess that's why they hired me. Best airline I ever flew for. I will miss them.
sparkie624 1
Hat to see it go... It is a Tough Industry, and I think it has just begun...
preacher1 2
Unfortunately my friend, you are probably correct. As the story said, the RJ boom really blossomed in the 90's and we will start seeing a wringing out now as contracts come and go and legacies merge & consolidate. I am really surprised that ComAir has lasted this long. I was thru CVG a while back and it was but a shell of it's former self. Gutted by DAL as they have MEM and a few others.Yours over there will probably survive to some degree but it will live and die according to the legacies.Eagle was the last legacy owned regional but now it is going away, which may be good for some of the regionals as they take up the slack. It won't be pretty but probably necessary in some form if they want to stay afloat.
DashTrash 2
AMR continues to own Eagle, and they are not the last regional owned by a legacy carrier.

AMR has been shopping Eagle around for a while, but for the moment they are still wholly owned.
preacher1 2
I know that but here about 2 weeks ago they farmed out most of LAX to SkyWest. I figure it will just die a natural death. Who is the other. I thought they were the last and that all else was contract.

Where you been? Haven't seen you on here in 2-3 months
sparkie624 2
You are correct, and I think that you are going to find MEM may be on the chopping block... DAL is really reducing the flight schedule out of there. Saturday only has 2 banks and pinnacle only has 4 thru flights on Saturdays....
Al Johnson 1
I worked for Bombardier Aerospace on the CRJ 100 interior design, Comair was a great company to work with, Great guys and Gals in the cabin team.
Sorry to see them go.
Jim Spensley 1
Flying on contracts and hauling passengers you don't sell tickets isn't a good business model. Can't control revenue or cost. The majors step on small companies, wipe up the blood, and wring it out into another small company; repeat.
preacher1 1
Seems to me there was a p***ing contest got going there between them and DAL back during the DAL BR. It had to do with putting DAL laid off pilots to work and I'm thinking that DAL pilots kinda got horsey there too and DAL stood with them. When DAL started coming back strong, as you say, they just started wiping up the blood and this is the end result. As I said in another comment, I think DAL just did it because they could.
mmc7090 1
Amazing how Delta could turn a $2.3 Billion, yes with a B Billion dollar investment into nothing in such a short time. The demise of Comair is a testament to Delta management.


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