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West Jet Flash Mob

Merry Christmas from West Jet. A fun surprise when a flash mob shows up to one of their terminals. Happy Holidays everyone! ( Daha Fazlası...

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Raymond Herron 8
Merry Christmas, too bad we will never see something like this from an American carrier...
lighthouses 4
Wow people smiling at an airport. Great job West Jet Merry Christmas!
Toby Sharp 4
Lookin for Wayne in this pic....dont see him tho
preacher1 3
Toby, that's too far North for
sparkie624 1
You just missed him... In disguise you know. check at 2:21 on the video. Note the golf cart.
sparkie624 1
You will also see him at again at 2:52
preacher1 1
Thank you and Merry Christmas to all.
sparkie624 1
Thought that would wake you up.. Merry Christmas... HOHOHO! :)
preacher1 1
I was kinda gettin' in the Christmas spirit until jolted back into reality with the scool shootings. Even more so now but in a really different way, feeling kinda selfish in a way but grateful that mine are OK.
sparkie624 1
That is the wrong attitude to take... We should always be in the Christmas Spirit during Christmas. I really feel sorry for those families and offer my prayers, but I cannot let that alter my Christmas Spirit. To me, Christmas time is the time for giving, and that is something that I will never give up. Just the way I was brought up I guess.

LOL, I see your spell checker is in need of repair... :) But I know what you mean.
preacher1 1
Well, I ain't got no spell checker here on FA, but you know what I mean about the feelings.
sparkie624 1
Yeah.. Will have to get your spirits back up to the Normal Level.. Send a little Knee Mail... That always helps me, and knowing you, you already are.
preacher1 1
yep. ttyl. outa here a few
Yaca Attwood 6
Impressive! Wonderful spirit and production...the only US carrier I could remotely imagine doing something like this is Southwest, perhaps
Yazoo -1
Sorry Yaca but Delta did a flash mob last year. Google Delta Air Lines flash mob on youtube. They also made a Holiday video with employees singing and dancing and emailed to to their registered passengers.
Ricky Scott 3
Kudos to Westjet. Now thats kewl.
Great piece ! Better than just sitting around looking at each other while you wait for your flight .. Grand morceau ! Mieux qu'asseyant juste autour de se regarder pendant que vous attendez votre vol..
Roy Ryland 2
More of this and LESS of the Bad stuff!!!! This is super. My hats off to WestJet.
ken hamilton 2
Hmmm they are taking lessons from Sir Richard. Just goes to show how happy your employees/partners are when you make money. Great Airline, hope they expand and put AC out of business once and for all.
Paul McLean 1
AC did a Christmas flash mob back @ YVR December 2010.... WestJet just playing cathcup....
Well Done West Jet! Very Impressive!!!!
steve taylor 1
love it
Just another reason to love WestJet... they certainly break the mold when it comes to the 'typical' idea of an airline!

Hats off!!
Gene Delaney 1
Very cool!!
sparkie624 1
That is great... And Wild... I really enjoy seeing stuff like this as we get closer to Christmas.
joncon25 1
Merry Christmas to West Jet and thank you for this happy video. Too bad more companies don't have the Christmas spirit. so, I repeat, "MERRY CHRISTMAS'!
preacher1 1
PVUpilot 1
I hate flash mobs... But this one was a better one. It's great to see this kind of positive activity when air travel these days has turned everyone into grumpy robots. Good job WestJet!
Scott Campbell 1
Well only in Canada, was it done well ! :)
Toby Sharp 1
Charles Collins -8
That was really uncalled for. I would have been pissed. Call me a grinch, I don't care.
Ricky Scott 6
You poor man, I pity you.
USAFcptnShades 5
You must really hate your job and or life. Get a life Charles. Oh and find something that makes you happy along the way.
preacher1 6
Grinch with a capital G. Even Scrooge would have cracked at that. 1130 at night wating on a redeye. Good Job WestJet
Danish Nelson 7
I have to agree. Anybody see any one mad in the video? I know I did not! Wonderful way to cheer people up; sure made me happy! The iPod was a nice gift!

And I don't even celebrate Christmas and Still liked it!
sparkie624 2
Good Call Preacher1
mzk49o1 1
People like you are the reason why the world is an awful place these days.
joncon25 1
BAH HUMBUG, to you Charles! You must be real fun Christmas morning!
BC Hadley 1
I can see if a person was trying to grab a little sleep, not being thrilled by a mob making noisy merriment in an otherwise quiet terminal. But don't be surprised if you're visited by three ghosts in the next couple of nights. :-)
joel wiley 0
Everyone doesn't like something,
but noone doesn't like Sara Lee.......

til now.


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