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Norwegian Air suffers more technical problems on its two Boeing 787s

Norwegian Air Shuttle suffered fresh technical problems with both its Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners on Sunday Sept. 22, the airline said, in another set of issues to hit the jet. One of the planes remained grounded in Oslo on Monday due to problems with the oxygen supply to the cockpit and that technicians are working to fix the problem, according to Norwegian Air spokeswoman Aasa Larsson. (airguideonline.com) Daha Fazlası...

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Andy Tyler 5
an ultra low cost carrier having problems with a super advanced brand new airplane. why am i not surprised
Roland Dent 2
Inattentive maintenance training. The 787 has completely new sysytems. That means an intensive training course for the wrenchers. And please I do not want a lecture on how to make cart horses into race horses.
Replace the cart with a whip...
*built lol
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Another version of the same
"Norwegian Air Shuttle summons Boeing to answer 787 reliability issues
Sep. 23, 2013
Anne Paylor

Scandinavian low-cost carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle has confirmed reports it has summoned Boeing management representatives to Oslo later this week to address reliability issues that have dogged the carrier’s two new Boeing 787 Dreamliners. "

matt jensen 1
Norwegian Air was the first to sign up for Boeing's GoldCare maintenance contract for its 787s, and is still the sole 787 customer for the plan. The brochure says GoldCare "significantly reduces the risk of new airplane introduction surprises" and helps airlines keep the plane in service.
Where were they manufactued? SC or WA?
JetMech24 1
WA is putting out Norwegian 787's, but don't know if SC is also.
When one spends that much for a piece of equipment, an expectation of above average up-time is not unreasonable. I certainly would have concerns. And it would behoove those who make those machines to address concerns instead of blaming suppliers. Or worse, making justifications and excuses (it's a super advanced brand new airplane). It's up to the producer to offer a flaw free product to the market.

Anything less is just second rate.
sparkie624 1
This is a new plane... Technical issues are going to happen... The 747 was the same way, but internet was very young, and most did not know what it was. Now days news travels in seconds vs months.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Bull's eye ! And so does the critique . Fast and plentiful to top . Right ?
Martin Haisman -1
An aircraft was grounded because a faulty valve and an oxygen supply unit. Just happened to be a new 787. Found any faulty items in other aircraft today? at least it was not an A380 wing spar or Trent 9000 blowing. Thales (France) supplied the batteries, originally Yuasa Japan which was a major issue but this is little nothings that happen to any aircraft.


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