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VIDEO: WestJet Delivers Holiday Joy in Spectacular Form

Many airlines do something special for the holiday season, but WestJet’s recent adventure sets a whole new bar. The Canadian carrier surprised passengers from two flights bound for Calgary by granting them their holiday wishes this year. ( Daha Fazlası...

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chuckmtl 3
This is the true definition of a good "Corporate citizen"
Ric Wernicke 3
Two thumbs up for WestJet.
Gary Roberts 3
Actual cost of stint? .....Depending on the gifts, likely less than $200,000.

Actual worth of free positive worldwide marketing? TEN times that or more!!!

Bravo WestJet! Someone in the marketing department just got a handsome bonus!
Ric Wernicke 3
It was not for marketing. It has a publicity aspect for sure, but that is not why management promoted the concept. It is about team building. This is a concept where employees work together to accomplish a task. Some companies send their troops off to meetings where exercises with hypothetical tasks are meant to teach this. In this case WestJet asked for volunteers to plan and execute this concept. The company contributed considerable resources, but almost all that worked together from purchasing, advertising, flight operations, rampers, and even the cleaning crew pitched in to make Christmas a reflective holiday for guests of the airline. The employees worked together on what has to give anyone a warm feeling.

Employees establishing relationships and working to solve problems with real deadlines for a positive outcome is far more valuable to the company than the instant publicity earned.
bkintzele 2
With teamwork , money and effort good things are possible. Outstanding Christmas magic for all to enjoy.
sparkie624 2
I would have loved to been a part of this... I cannot believe they pulled this off last year.
PhotoFinish 2
They pulled this off earlier this month. It was posted several times in the days following. Last year's Christmas surprise was different. The video could be accessed snit comes up as related to th video of this cool event.

Brilliant idea. It makes the passengers that unexpectedly receive gifts, the workers who participate in the project, and others who watch te video, hear on news feel good. Creates great worker morale and good will toward airline from all constituencies.
PhotoFinish 2
You have to go to YouTube to see the link to last year's video.
sparkie624 2
Thanks for the info... that would have been fantastic to have been a part of.
PhotoFinish 2
John posted the link above. The flash mob performance was ok. But I would've loved bein part of the Christmas Miracle flight, either giving or receiving. (either would be fun)
isardriver 2
very cool indeed
canuck44 1
Here is last years video:
erniekovacs 0
Wish WestJet would fly most anyplace in the USA as well as to Europe.
Peter D 0
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WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving

A Canadian Airline called WestJet put on a remarkable, and heartwarming, stunt. Each of the 250 passengers boarding flights out of the Toronto and Hamilton International Airports were treated to a very real visit from a virtual Santa Claus.
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WestJet's Christmas Miracle

Last year, they flash mobbed Calgary International Airport with style and class. This year, WestJet continues the tradition of outdoing themselves over the Christmas holiday season, and does it in grand fashion. Enjoy.
sparkie624 0
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Airline Pulls Amazing Christmas Stunt On Passengers.

Westjet airline employees pulled off a wonderfully orchestrated Christmas surprise for a flight full of Toronto passengers that left many in tears, including the guy who stupidly asked for socks and underwear while everyone else got something much cooler.
mike1234234 0
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Calgary-based WestJet makes passengers' Christmas wishes come true

Imagine waiting for your luggage at the airport, and instead having your Christmas wish arrive on the baggage carousel.
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YouTube: WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving

What a surprise from WestJet! Merry Christmas Everyone!


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