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Airline Passengers Rank United Among Worst For Service, Southwest Best

The U.S. Public Interest Research Group analyzed five years of airline passenger complaints to the U.S. Department of Transportation. It found Florida-based Spirit Airlines generated the most complaints by far. The runner-up for most of the five-year period was United Airlines. ( Daha Fazlası...

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This is really an apples to oranges comparison. Yeah, I can see that leisure travelers might like WN, but for business travelers WN's lack of assigned seats plus no upgrade potential puts it close to the bottom of my list. (I have never flown Spirit etc.)
phil gibson 1
Yup, you get what you pay for @ surprise there.
robert burns 2
To paraphrase GEICO "Everybody knows that! "
phil gibson 1
I'm not surprised! Been there....done that. All the Unions want is " your " other words...your money.
larry clement 1
Anyone surprised that the non-union airline has the best service?
phil gibson 1
No surprise here! Southwest rocks!
matt jensen 0
"It found Florida-based Spirit Airlines generated the most complaints by far. The runner-up for most of the five-year period was United Airlines."

Yes, that means Spirit is the worst and United second worst.

"complaints against United spiked in 2012, in the wake of its merger with Houston-based Continental."

No link to where the article lists other carriers - like DAL, AAL, USA etc - which are near the bottom as well.
Gene Nowak 3
Try for the full study.
mags stumpp 1
Thanks for posting the link. It's refreshing to see these stats, especially how they're trending. I was also happy to see how the data was scaled. Far better than the typical "worst 10" type lists in newspapers. The increase in the aggregate of "flight problems" category is interesting. I suspect that tighter load management is leading to cascading issues. Otherwise, the usual suspects at the top and bottom of ratings categories.
Yazoo -2
This is typical statistics garbage. It's sound bite fodder for people like Matt Jensen who don't take the time to read the article and see what the data is based upon. ie DAL, AAL and USA are not all on the bottom. DAL was 11 of 13 beat by SWA and Alaska.
1) This only accounts for the passengers who complained to the DOT. Nowhere does it state it the complaint is valid.
2) In 2012 609,491,874 enplanements with approx 11,445 complaints. What's that 0.002%? The average per 100K for 5 years is only 1.85 and only 1.22 if you remove Spirit.
3) What is does show are airlines under bankruptcy have poor service
4)With the latest wave of consolidation, airfares declined about 50% from 1980 to 2009, but have increased rapidly since 2010 especially when fees and taxes are included.
5) So you get what you pay for and the government need to quite taxing the airlines


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