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Alitalia Cancels $5 Billion Airbus A350 Order

Alitalia, the troubled Italian flag carrier, quietly cancelled a $4.7 billion order for new aircraft with Airbus last month. Airbus reported the cancellation in a quarterly report and said that the order had come from Aircraft Purchase Fleet, a Dublin-based leasing firm that was set up to fund new aircraft for Air One, which later merged with state-controlled Alitalia. ... ( Daha Fazlası...

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tireman 8
If they are cancelling A350-800s it might just mean that the -800 programme has been scrapped and they will convey to -900s.
I'm think along those same lines. I doubt Airbus would want this type of negative press if they could avoid it but maybe AZ is just changing the order. It sounds like the A330neo is being seriously considered by Airbus.
Matthew Holota 4
My girlfriend always jokes that their handle should be "Lasagna" or "Meatball". A flying Tower of Pisa, or a bottle of Chianti might do some good for a new paint scheme.
daniel streuli 1
Since the Italian government bailed Alitalia ,everything should run smooth , just take a look at Italian politics !
steve rogers 0
instead of buying new planes ,maybe go for a new paintjob ,that scheme been around since I was a kid its getting tired , get a new look ,
To the traveling public, paint schemes mean very little, and create excessive costs if not justified. One particular transport company has been using the same scheme for nearly 80 years, and the same logo (with minor alterations) for over 100 years.

It is not the name or brand that needs changing, but the overall product that sells tickets. Trust is not earned by paint color.
AWAAlum 5
I see nothing wrong with its livery. Just because it's been around a long time doesn't mean it should be changed. Old isn't always bad. I'm old and not bad...usually.
It's one of the cleanest liveries out there...which is why it lasted.
matt jensen -3
Instead of buying new jets, they should just go into bankruptcy again and just go away.
jeff slack 0
QANTAS(not the lcc sub. Jetstar) cancelled its 787 orders and are retiring all its 767's, leaving us with the incredibly awful a330.
Iam not an airbus hater but I am not a fan of the a330.

Oz govt just bought a brand spankin' new a 330 for multi use, tanker, freight, and passengers. It broke down someplace in Asia while our PM Tony (we know where the black boxes are) Baloney was on his free trade junket selling Oz to our neighbours. Word on the vine is it is stuck there.

Silly QANTAS never bought any 777's either.
Then ceo Geoff Dixon said they werre irrelevant. So? QANTAS has deep problems now because of lack of adequate planning year in year out to add new aircraft to its fleet.
I am ranting about this because to think todays traveling public does not think about its aircraft choices and newness is like thinking the model T was all the car the public would ever want.
matt jensen 1
What's that got to do with Alitalia?
jeff slack 0
If you read the article; it is about Alitalia cancelling new aircraft.
I make the point that QANTAS here has done the same thing, and it is not good for the long term health of the airline.

I may be a little layered in my comment giving more detail then neccess' but I still add to the relevant point of new aircraft in an airline and how it is accepted.

Understand now? or did you not read this either?
Jürgen Witte 3
It´s all about money - or rather the lack of it - at Alitalia !
AZ has no future under current circumstances and it´s just a sound business decision to cancel the airbus order in good time before the leasing company get´s stuck with new aircraft they can´t place elsewhere immediately !

AZ is a dead horse.
AWAAlum 1
It's business - it's always about money.
matt jensen 0
I repeat what does that have to do with AZ - or did you not understand?
jeff slack 0
Matt I dont know how I could be more specific re my comment, quite obviously you have not read anything. Have a great rest of your life in Helen Keller land.
AWAAlum 0
If I weren't such a nice person, I'd say the "Helen Keller land" comment was really ignorant.

jeff slack 0
Get a life.
AWAAlum 1
Back attcha!


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