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Norwegian to Add 3 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners

Norwegian Air Shuttle announced plans to add three new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft to its fleet. Two of the three aircraft will be delivered and put into operation in 2016, while the third will be delivered and begin service in 2017. ( Daha Fazlası...

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preacher1 3
Ain't these the same folks that a few days ago announced they were getting out of the long haul business; the ones that were catching flak for hiring the foreign pilots at low wages and setting up a hub in Ireland, or was that somebody else?
jclark12345 2
Same people. I posted a comment just like this a few months ago and received much criticism for it. ALPA is trying to prevent them from operating in the US.
preacher1 2
I thought so. Seems like there's some confusion somewhere.

Louis Holder 1
Whee they do have flights to KFLL from ESSA everyday now. Sometimes it's a 767 sometimes a 787. I've seen them tho not that good since it's dark when they arrive.
indy2001 2
According to the airline's web site, the three aircraft are being leased. The article doesn't say from whom they are to be leased. See their announcement at
Brent Vegors 1
These will be ADDITIONAL 787's. Currently they DO fly long-haul routes from LAX to LGW, as well as offering flights from MCO, FLL, OAK, & JFK to various destinations. There is a bit of "kerfuffle" in the news but they are, in fact, currently flying and selling advance purchase tickets from the US. Here is an example:
It has ALL been rather confusing. From the announcement it appears they plan to continue to expand the long-haul division's market share.
Can understand why Norwegian Air Shuttle does this, Norway's socialist rule makes it difficult to compete globally.

I'm more amazed why Philippine Airlines (PAL) does not rule Asian international air travel. With a huge educated workforce and ultra-low wage requirements, PAL has all the ingredients to deliver high quality services at low cost fares.

Looks like they can't overcome the massive corruption that plaques the Philippines...
Curtis McCarty 0
The picture sure looks like a 737-800. At least that's what the tail number says.


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