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Amazon Asks FAA for Permission to Fly Drones

In a letter to the FAA dated Wednesday, Amazon said it is developing aerial vehicles as part of Amazon Prime Air. ( Daha Fazlası...

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smoki 1
UAS, UAV, Drones are terms which I'm afraid we are going to be forced to accommodate in our lexicon. The FAA is dragging its feet on the issue relative to the congressional mandate because it is continuing to take input from the various interested parties which oddly enough includes General Aviation which would appear to be supportive at the organizational level (AOPA, et. al.).

If Amazon gets some sort of approval you can bet there will be clamoring from the usual courier delivery services to be granted the same privilege. Will this mean that overnight packages will now be coming via some little miniature weed whacker whence it is dropped it off somewhere in or around our residence or place of business? Will it be waiting for a signature?

It will create a nightmare for the national airspace system which is already congested as it is with the NextGen controlling system, ADS-B, projected as the future replacement for radar control. I simply don't see how these things flitting around all over the place could be anything but a disaster. Will they be launch and forget like a homing pigeon or will a human operator with a computer and a joystick be required for control? Wait until one of them is ingested into a turbofan and there's no "Miracle on the Hudson" for the victims.
Tom Walker 2
I dunno. It could work. Will be interesting to see how it plays.... Amazon has the funds available. "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore."
"We're continuing to work with the FAA to meet Congress's goal of getting drones flying commercially in America safely and soon,". . .

"I guess any advertising is good advertising"

This is a DELIVERY SYSTEM. NOW for only 5 pounds and 50 miles per hour . . .

How is it controlled? Computer program? Suuuure. Always easy to maintain security and control with those things.

Joystick and camera - radio controlled? Suuuure. No way to interfere with radio controlled vehicles, RIGHT?

Extensive background checks for the people running/programming them - nationwide. Security clearance?

Did these people miss and/or forget 9//11?


Even without an explosive device, one flying into a - oh, I don't know - a fuel truck, any windshield, gas station, any city, any commute time, any bridge, tunnel, etc. etc. - imagine as THEY will imagine.

Just because we have the ability to do something, it does not mean we should do it.

This is a tool we should not put in the toolbox - arsenal of people who hate us more than they love their children or themselves.

Amazon could not have enough insurance to cover the WHAT IF . . . WHEN IT HAPPENS.


My Amazon deliveries arrive in a TIMELY MANNER. Thank you.

ilkleymoor 0
100% correct Stephen. These drones are the last thing the FAA should be approving. We have enough problems already with errant flying machines over our communities.
C4 & A DETONATOR via Amazon Drone delivery? Really?

Wouldn't it be just slightly easier to box that baby up and hand it to the Fedex guy? Path of least resistance. Think it through.

And yes, Amazon could have enough insurance to cover the what if. Bezos just says "and who do I make this out to?"
Kevin Haiduk 1
I guess any advertising is good advertising.
Aaron Donnelly 2
Sounds lika a dumb idea to me.
Gene Nowak 5
Furthermore, how are they going to keep kids with their new BB/Pellet guns, maybe occasional .22, from shooting them down. Dumb idea in the first place.
Jason Edwards 5
How does Amazon plan to deal with animals and small children in the residences yards when these 4 bladed carbon fiber propped quads are landing or taking off?

How do they plan to keep people from throwing rocks at them to knock them out of the sky to steal the DLSR camera in the box underneath?


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