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B-29 Superfortress Nears First Flight

Volunteers in Wichita, Kansas, who are working to restore a B-29 Superfortress named Doc have brought the massive airplane close to completion and are getting ready to return the bomber to the skies before the new year. The non-profit volunteer organization Doc's Friends is now raising money for a permanent museum to provide protection and a place to display the historical beauty to the public. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Kerry Duckett 8
I'm a 50+ yr licensed veteran of military and commercial aviation. The B-29 was the fist airplane I ever worked on after training, 40th Bomb Wing SAC, Smoky Hill/Schilling AFB Salina, KS.
I still have some engine tools for the Wright 3350 the '29 wore, intake gland nut and pushrod gland nut wrenches. I used these when I worked for an airline that operated DC7s'.
I would like to visit and donate these tools.
My profile is available to you on Linkedin.
Kerry Duckett

M# 828 508 7998 USA
sparkie624 3
WOW, What A Nice gesture... I hope you find the right place for these tools....
AWESOME PLANE..AWESOME to bring her back to heck with the ol bone yard ,she was meant to fight on ...and that SHE WILL!!
David Cree 5
Congratulations to all involved for such an unselfish sacrifice to honor the
Greatest Generation!

My Dad was one--he is now 93--taught pilots how to fly at Cimmaron Field 1942-1943.
He is a recipient of the Wright Bros. Master Pilot Award.
sparkie624 2
Tell your Dad for me "Thanks for the years of service to help maintain the freedom and rights that we now have in this country."

I try to thank every service man that I run into... These guys are the ones we owe so much too and they get so little in return.
Jimmy Robinson 1
Wow. Your dad is one of the 'Greatest Generation' and I know you must be one proud son. Your dad did a great service in training pilots; he deserves the Wright Brothers Master Pilot award and all the praise that comes his way. Thank him for me for his service and let him know that there are still those that have not forgotten, and appreciate his service during WWII.
David Cree 2
Thanks, Jimmy--very kind of you--if ever in DAL -Love Field--- Check out the Frontiers of Flight Museum at the south end of the Runway..

The Main Gallery containing all kinds of aircraft is named after my Dad---Richard W. Cree
Roger McLean 3
Saw Fifi in Fort Collins Colorado last week. After standing in line for over two hours, got to go into cockpit. Would like to have taken a ride on her, but it was over my budget. Magnificent aircraft
I can't wait to see Fifi and Doc flying together in formation! That would be so cool...
oowmmr 2
Looking forward to seeing her next year. I'd wager she'll make Oshkosh.
sparkie624 2
Very Nice.. Thanks for sharing.
John Crechiola 2
I saw Fifi a few years ago, I think it would be great if another B-29 made it into the air
Chad Hudock 1
I hope that Doc'd Friends don't forget who got Doc's restoration started and give them some credit too...The United States Aviation Museum, based in Cleveland, Ohio.
Greg Peterman 1
There's a complete B-29 on display at Georgia Veterans Memorial State park near Cordele Ga off of I-75. About 40 years ago I sneaked inside, it is all there, and appears to be airworthy. (but has sat outdoors for 50+ years) It was flown in, to where it sits now. You would never know it because the landing strip close to it, is now old growth forest.
Robert Hirst 1
My 94 year old dad made oxygen for the guys flying these birds from Burma over to Japan in 1944. He still describes the wonder of seeing such a BIG airplane. May Doc fly soon and forever more!

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John Jacobs 4
The point was made long ago. Let it go.
WD Rseven -7
The only way to preserve this airplane after it has been restored is to keep pilots out of it and keep it on the ground.


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