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KLM 777-200ER AMS-JFK cockpit video

Take a ride in KLM's 777-200ER as it crosses the Atlantic ( More...

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Dan Little 2
Thanks for the "smiles". Very nice.

ajchenmph 1
Very cool. That exact flight, KLM 641 (though on a different day), approached JFK right off my right wing as I flew HWV-TTN on a VFR flight not that long ago...the voices even sound familiar (I just listened to an archive of the ATC tape).
Pete Sheppard 1
Great articles. Very interesting for an old Pan Am person
Max Tribölet 1
Does anyone know what series this is from? A few others:
s2v8377 1
It's from KLM. Look up their YouTube page and you'll find the other two parts.
Try here


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