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American Airlines flights delayed because of iPad app glitch

A couple of years ago, American Airlines swapped out its pilots' "flight bag" for iPads loaded with the terminal charts and other reference materials they're required to carry. Losing the 35 lbs of materials for a tablet (some 8,000 of them) was a good tradeoff, but tonight an apparent glitch is grounding some of the airline's flights. ( Daha Fazlası...

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preacher1 7
Technology, get used to it.
bbabis 1
Most are used to it. You don't see a pilot anymore without an iPad or two and a phone. My go to app is Foreflight and their license lets you use one subscription on two tablets and one phone. Three devices full of charts and plates should be plenty of redundancy. In AA's case though, the issue seemed to be the app and that would render all devices out of service. I prevent this by also having charts and plates available through Wing-X and Fltplan for free. Three apps and three devices should cover me from everything except maybe a thermonuclear airburst, but in that case I'd have bigger things to worry about.
sparkie624 2
All because of 36 lbs of paper to save weight and fuel, they caused thousand of dollars and delays and delayed many passengers... I am a heavy supporter of Electronics and computers, but I think they should still have a paper backup.
preacher1 3
You haven't never drug one of those things around. They are as bad as a toolbox. Most were closer to 50# if they wee kept updated properly. I'm a thinkin' AA was using Jepp too.
sparkie624 0
LOL, but look at all the inconvenienced people, all stopped due to technology that failed due to one simple mistake by a programmer. We are supposed to be thinking of the better benefit of our customers, not the convenience of our selves. You know me and my support of technology, but sometimes, advancements are not ready to be released.... This system has to be bullet proof and AA proved it was not.
preacher1 5
Well, if this is the only glitch they have had in 2 years, granted, it needs to be bulletproof but that ain't bad.
I'm sure now they will have to keep a few hard copy back ups in either ops or the crew rooms so at least some of the flights can still go out on time.
Bernie20910 0
No, it'[s the only glitch we've HEARD about in two years. There could have been many others, and I'm sure there were, that never made the news.
Tom Spann 1
you are nuts
sparkie624 1
Maybe so.. But I am a happy nuts... As an active RC enthusiast I enjoy RC, and these drones are giving us a bad name because of some Stupid Ignorant Morons.... But these do not meat the strict definition of Drones... They are RC Aircraft... Most people that fly these fly them at AMA Sanctioned fields like I do.... We fly Fixed, Rotor wing/Helicopter. Tri/Quad/and other multi-rotor RC aircraft that are under ground control, and not autopilot/programming control.
oceanvoice8 1
i think is not possible to navigate with zero paper
erisajd 1
Foreflight or Garmin?
hagela 2
Pretty sure they use Jeppsen
joel wiley 1
FliteDeck in some flavor
preacher1 1
I used to know because although we went a bout a year ahead of them and wound up with the same, but I have slept since retiring and have forgot. LOL
erisajd 0
Prob not Foreflight - I updated a couple days ago and the update worked just fine . . .

A company like AA would prob never use a small entity like Foreflight and definitely use Hilton's Wing X - which leaves Garmin or FltPlan. Garmin is typically kludgy and FltPlan is a silly choice for the largest carrier in the world. . . .
joel wiley 1
The EFB is reported to save up to $1.2 mill/year. How much will this oopsie dip into those savings?
preacher1 2
Well, I think the way the story was worded was that there were delays but no cancellations.
joel wiley 2
Sounded like they went back catch a wifi signal to download a missing or outdated chart. Seems that would be an Jeppsen app issue rather than IPAD OS issue.
erisajd 1
That's right - Jepp flightdeck . . . .
yoteun -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

American Airlines Flights Delayed After App Issues in Cockpit

American Airlines said that a glitch with a third-party application used on pilots' iPads caused several flights to be delayed on Tuesday.

The airline said that some planes were forced to return back to flight gates so that pilots could access a WiFi connection and fix the app issues. It was not immediately clear how many flights were affected. The issue was with software containing mapping and flight-planning information, the airline said.


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