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Delta Bans Shipment of Big Game Hunting Trophies

Delta Air Lines announced a ban on the shipment of big game hunting trophies as freight. This includes lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, and buffalo carcasses that hunters wish to transport as air freight. The carrier said that it will “review acceptance polices of other hunting trophies with appropriate government agencies and other organizations supporting legal shipments.”... ( More...

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unitcharlie 2
As David asked, "Will they ban the shipment of baby parts"? Seems Delta us being a little to knee jerk here.... Do they ban terrorists?
What a knee jerk reaction from Delta, If that is there mentality, what other quirts do they have, Quality Safety etc. I'm going to rethink who I fly with.
Will they ban the shipment of baby parts?

joel wiley 1
Why just baby parts? Why not ban adult parts as well? Not sure of your logic there.
Loral Thomas 1
Not a knee jerk reaction from Delta. They just joined several other airlines that are doing the same thing. Some of the bans began before the Cecil episode.

But not to worry, big game hunters, Big Brown is still shipping, and delivering.
As long as the trophies are legal they should be transported by any company. I'm not a hunter myself, but hunting is a legal activity in most cultures and should be treated as such.


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