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Boeing wants to turn airplane noise into electricity to power airports

Boeing filed a patent for a system that would produce electricity from airport acoustical energy. "This acoustic energy is left to dissipate and represents a lost energy resource. Heretofore, there has been no way to recycle the acoustic energy generated by aircraft during takeoffs and landings," wrote Boeing engineer Chin Toh in the patent application. ( More...

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paul trubits 3
How about using the methane from the airport Taco Bell?
jbqwik 1
Intriguing idea that could drive an engineering department insane.
Apologies for the snarky comment, but seems to me a lot of hurdles to jump. But I know nothing and it must have some cache if Boeing is interested.
Screw noise abatement proceedures. Suddenly you'd be green by making as much noise as possible.
Perhaps they can add special noise creating exhausts to the engines to create even more noise.(can't call them mufflers)
Sometimes I get really perturbed by green ludites that would be happy to spend a dime to recover a nickle as long as it's tagged as green.
MultiComm 1
Bass on the comparison of energy produced (1/100 of a watt per square meter vs 680 watts for the same space) it seems more practical to just find a way to make solkar panels no reflective and start placing them in the green spaces around the airport.

That being said...really cool forward thinking idea on Boeings part.


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