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Fatigued Superjet test pilot used wrong throttle before crash

Icelandic investigators have concluded that a fatigued Sukhoi Superjet crew advanced the wrong throttle lever during a single-engined go-around test before the aircraft overran the runway. The inquiry into the 21 July 2013 accident at Reykjavik’s Keflavik airport found that, although the crew was well-rested before the original planned duty time, “significant and repeated” delays meant this was not the case at the time of the testing. ( Daha Fazlası...

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Highflyer1950 4
Interesting, all the aircraft that I flew with autoland/autothrottle would in the event of an engine failure/shutdown, the auto throttles would disconnect immediately. In addiition, whenever an engine was shutdown, we would always carry the inoperative throttle whether there were two, three or four thrust levers. Can anyone confirm autothrottle engagement with an engine inop.
Bernie20910 0
But would that be true if you were only simulating an engine out?
Highflyer1950 1
How would you simulate an engine out without either retarding the throttle or actually shutting it down. Either way the auto throttle logic would disconnect but not the autopilot if engaged, unless G/A is selected. Just asking?
Bernie20910 2
You're right, I didn't think that through. Serves me right for posting when I'm medicated.
Highflyer1950 1
No worries, have done that myself.
Colin Seftel 3
If one engine had actually failed on approach at 25ft over a runway, is there any reason to execute a go-around? Wouldn't it be safer to just land?
Gabriel G 2
I think the reason for the go around was simply because they needed to do more tests (touch-and-gos).
william baker -1
No because you have different speeds for landing on one engine as well as handling capabilities for stopping power etc.
Highflyer1950 1
yes up tp a point, but in reality when executing a go around below 25 feet you may have already selected a landing flap setting. So unless the runway becomes fouled, you land. If not then the added stopping distance for "say a lesser flap setting" and the typical increased speed would only increase the stopping distance marginally. But, I think this may be a test flight for certification purposes.
James Simms 2
смотреть Тхи дерьмо
I agree with the stupid software comment. Too many ifs to work out in a split second....
carlos rivera 1
The whole crew was fatigued??????
josh homer 0
"Alexi! Hold vodka bottle and watch this!"
william baker -3
And I rest my case. There trying to break down the 737 saying it has a rudder issue but the Superjet has a bigger issue. It's called stupidity software or let's see where we can crash this time software lol. Get real Russia this plane is a mess even your pilots can't fly it like they should. However the 737 is a beast and is flown by any pilot out there without issue lol.
Ian Deans 0
With what authority do you say this plane is a Russian mess?


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