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Airbus just patented what could become the fastest helicopter in the world

Airbus is trying to take high-speed helicopters to a whole new level. Last month, the US Patent and Trademark Office approved an application from Airbus Helicopters' Axel Fink, Ambrosius Weiss, and Andrew Winkworth for a new compound copter ( More...

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SmokedChops 3
compound helicopter. hmmm, like the Lockheed Cheyenne?
Tim Marks 2
Really, faster than the Sikorsky Raider? Airbus needs to build one of these - that is not just an experimental - and prove that one! The large wing and tail surfaces and no tail rotor to control torque will be a detriment to hover capabilities.

Isn't the idea to use differential thrust from the wing-mounted propellers to replace the tail rotor?
srobak 1
that's exactly what the article reads, yes.
Guy Cocoa 1
What happens if you lose the engine which is providing the counterrotation thrust?
There are two engines, just one of them might do in an emergency even it the rotational thrust was assymetrical. Generally if you lose an engine you don't expect good things to happen, of course.
Arthur Moss 1
There is little detail, however LM had proposed 30, 60, & 90 passenger versions of the Cheyenne. As I recall the larger two had wing mounted engines. The smaller one was an adaptation of the Cheyenne. It had a cruise speed about 225mph. I was the QE on the 200 mph 5 seat L-286 rigid rotor executive, & aerobatic. I have sketches from a LM pub.
Larry Clark 1
Compound helicopters have been around since the Bell 533.
Phil Barnes 1
They Say a picture is worth a thousand words.............. so with that i say enjoy gentlemen.......... ;-)
Arthur Moss 1
Looks like it was copied from Lockheed, and AH-56A derivatives of the early 70's.
paul gilpin 1
i always thought the main rotor was the draw back to this concept. the main rotor changing angle of attack in windward and leeward rotation is really going to get a whipping. not to mention just being a drag on aero design.


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